Movie stars, beautiful sunshine, and all the seasonal activities you could imagine. These are just some things people know about California. This golden state on the east coast of America boasts a wide variety of attractions both indoors and outdoors. This could be a perfect place for you and your family. Saying this there are some things you should know before tackling such a move.

What should you know?

Making a move to California doesn’t have to be a challenge for you are your family. If you need it, assistance is around the corner, professionals in the industry are always happy to help. They know all there is to know about California, and all the different housing locations it has to offer. If you prefer a small-town kind of feel where you live this may not be the place for you, however. You should keep this in mind when planning a move! Most of the bigger cities in California are full of hustle and bustle. Saying this they all come with a very unique laid-back vibe.

Weather and Climate

Something you might want to know about California, especially in the south is the number of earthquakes they experience frequently. The south of this state experiences about 10,000 a year! Saying this most are too small to even feel so there is nothing to worry about. The weather can be described as “Mediterranean-like”. This means you can expect a warm and dry summer and calm, wet winters.

A road and trees either side covered in snow
California offers activities for all seasons

Housing Market

Many experienced movers like, have extensive knowledge of the market in the area and are always happy to help if you have anything you’d like to know about California. The housing market, however, is quite expensive in this sunny state. You should note this before you decide to tackle a big move. Different factors affect the price of the property, with a lot of the cost tied to the land, not the property on top of it.


If you are unsure of the price it will cost to move, you can always get a free moving estimate online. These are helpful when budgeting moves and can help you stay organized! Renting a great alternative if you aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a property. There are many different agencies that offer a variety of properties that could be perfect for you and your family.

Working in California

A good thing to know about California is the figures surrounding employment. The unemployment in this sunny state is higher than the national average by almost 5 percent. Some other things to know about California is that the most common sectors for work are the education, health, and business sectors. Knowing this can help you plan a future for yourself and your family.

A elderly man with a beard standing in the sun with a skateboard
California has something for everyone

California, a beautiful state on the east coast of America could be a perfect place for you to move too. The state has many things to do all year round. If you do some research into what you would like to know about California before you move. This could be the perfect place to settle down for you and your family.


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