Finally, the moving process is complete. You already bought your new house, and you are ready to move in. That is great news, congratulations! But, is your home actually move-in ready? In most cases, it is not. Sometimes the roof needs insulation, sometimes the water leaks, and sometimes furniture needs a serious upgrade. Thus, before you move in, check your new home entirely! If possible, call a contractor too. And consider some self-storage for the things that will get in your way during reno. This is important as some types of renovations are huge, and you will not be able to live in your new home until they are done. So, if you want to know what are the 3 types of renovation you should probably complete before moving in, keep on reading.

1. Insulation

Insulations are what keep our homes safe from all the wonders of nature. An insulated home is cooler during those hot summer months as well as warmer during winter months. Thus, before you move in, make sure all the most important parts of the house (roof, walls, doors, and windows) are well-insulated! For this task, you will need a contractor and his team of workers. And, yes, this task will also be time, money, and energy-consuming too. So, do not even think about moving in before you finish this. Better postpone the process of moving house in LA area or any other area for that matter, until your house becomes insulated and move-in ready.

A man painting the wall
Make sure you complete all the big renovations before you start to unpack your boxes.

2. Painting

Another very important type of renovation project you should do before you move in is painting the walls, that is, adding color to your walls. Of course, when we say painting, we mean the entire house, that is, all the rooms in one house. And, why? Well, just imagine painting the walls with children and pets running around and all the boxes still unpacked. You might injure somebody, or you might damage some of your stuff. Thus, if you think that your new home needs a coloring makeover, better wait with moving in. Find some quality storage options in LA, or where ever that you moved, and keep your belongings there until every wall in your home is painted and dried. 

Painting the door and walls.
Living in a house that is being painted is not good for anybody’s health too!

3. Bathroom

Imagine you moved into this new place only to start renovating the bathroom and hire hot tub movers afterward! That would be hell. This may sound strange, but the bathroom is one of the most important and private rooms in every home. It is simply the first place we visit when we wake up and the last place we visit before we go to bed. Also, since you are new in the block, you can not just use your neighbor’s bathroom for a week or two until yours is finished. So, again, call that contactor, and make sure your bathrooms (or at least one bathroom) are finished before you and our family move in.


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