There are plenty of reasons why you should live off-campus as an NYC student. The most important one is that it is exciting. You will get to explore the real New York City as you should. This is the most amazing and the most exciting city in the whole world and you should get to fully experience it. Renting a place outside of campus will allow you that.

5 reasons to live off-campus

  • You will be able to choose your own roommate
  • Chances are you will become much more responsible because you will be living on your own and taking care of everything yourself
  • No one can come unannounced – there are no fire drills or random room checks
  • There is a chance you will be saving money on food (many students dislike the meal plan they have to buy so they need to buy food off-campus in order to eat something they like)
  • You can do whatever you want in your place, there are no restrictions – if you want to stay up late and listen to music that’s perfectly fine

Of course, as you can imagine there are plenty of other perks but here are our top five pics. If you are considering and choosing between living off-campus and living on campus consider all the good sides but also think about the prices of renting a place in NYC. Then make a final decision.

A student thinking about the reasons to live off-campus

When choosing make some pros and cons lists to help you decide.

What else do you need to know when renting an apartment in NYC?

This is an expansive city. Chances are you won’t be able to rent a big place like your first apartment. Don’t worry, earning a lot of money is not your priority now. You need to focus on your studies. If your place is too small for all your belongings you can simply move extra items out of the way. That’s what student storage is for.

Life as a student in NYC

Be very proud of yourself and your achievements. Not many people get the chance to study and live in a place like NYC. You are one of the lucky few so use this to your advantage. Don’t worry about little things like lack of space. will help you with that, you just focus on your school. But make sure to find some time to enjoy this great city too and meet locals as well.

NYC metro station

Take some time to explore this city.

Perks of being an NYC student

Some of the best schools in the world are here. The whole world will welcome you with open arms after you finish one of the prestigious schools in NYC. Meeting all kinds of people and getting to know your future connections is also a perk of being an NYC student and that is also one of the reasons to live off-campus.


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