So, you’re thinking about moving to Tennessee? Head to a vibrant city like Nashville or Memphis. Or you choose a quiet life in the Appalachian Mountains. Well, Tennessee offers a rich culture, natural beauty and a low cost of living. So, are you convinced yet? But, there is something you need to know before you decide to call Tenessee home. And this article will present to you 5 things you should have in mind when moving in Tennessee.

Tennessee is a country located in the southeastern region of the US. It stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains to the east of the Mississippi River. Known as the Elvis Presley’s home and the country music capital, Tennessee is beautiful, scenic and cultural. Plus, it’s one of the countries where are people moving this year

Tennessee flag

Welcome to Tennessee!

The country name comes from the river, known as “Tanasi” in Cherokee. But, Tennessee has many nicknames:

  • The Volunteer State – This state nickname has the most honer. People start using it first in the war of 1812 when Tennesseans volunteer. 
  • The Big Bend State – This nickname comes as a reference to the Tennessee River. The river with the big bend.
  • The Mother of the Southwestern Statesmen – People in Tennessee proudly say this nickname. Because the state had a crucial role in building the government of the US.
  • The Lion’s Den State – The background is not given but probably because the state has a connection with the life of Andrew Jackson.

Before relocating to Tennessee

Here are some things you should know before moving to Tennessee:

  • Try to avoid moving through the fall and winter seasons
  • Make sure you listen to weather reports and prepare yourself for facing nasty weather.
  • Watch for a storm or tornado warnings if you’re moving during spring and summer
  • If you don’t have any other option, take all the necessary precautions to ensure a smooth move. Such as a fully charged cell, toolbox, first-aid kit, provisions.
  • The state hosts many festivals, so prepare to go ahead of traffic
  • Make sure you know parking restrictions
  • Try to find the closest storage. You might need it.
  • Choose moving professionals you can trust in Tennessee to help you.

Climate – one of the 5 things you should have in mind when moving in Tennessee

Tennessee state has a humid subtropical climate. Some parts of the Appalachians have a mountain temperate because the mountainous areas are cooler. Also, the Gulf of Mexico has an impact on climate. It’s the cause of most of the yearly precipitation of the state. Here you can expect hot summers and mild to cool winters. Combine this with plenty of rainfall during spring and winter seasons. The period from August to October is usually dry. Summers here are hot and humid, with an average temperature of 90 °F.

Tennessee smoky mountains

Climate is one of the 5 things you should have in mind when moving in Tennessee!

Tennessee is the state you can consider safe from direct impact from hurricanes. But, it’s likely to be hit by the remains of cyclones, which can cause a lot of rainfall. Climate conditions in Tennessee are one of the things to have in mind before you decide to relocate here. Because therefore you’ll know how to pack for a move. 

Living costs

In Tennessee, the cost of living is lower than the national average. Tennessee is a place among the ten most affordable states in the US. Here, almost everything has a lower price. Like, groceries, utilities, consumer goods, and housing. This is good to know if you’re having a doubt should you rent or buy.

Also, property taxes here are quite inexpensive, and Tennessee doesn’t levy personal income taxes. The average household income is about $39,000, so the lack of tax is a benefit.

The job market in Tennessee is hot

Many people look to big cities like New York and Los Angeles as a place where the job market is growing. But, the south is currently making some steps of its own when it comes to increasing employment. And one of the 5 things you should have in mind when moving in Tennessee is the fact that the job market is booming. And, it seems like it’s only going to continue to grow. A great job market is just one more reason to move here. So, don’t hesitate, hire a professional mover and relocate here. You can find those moving professionals on sites like

Entrepreneur - The job market is great, and it's one of the 5 things you should have in mind when moving in Tennessee.

Tennessee is a great place to start your career!

Food – one of the 5 things you should have in mind when moving in Tennessee 

 Southern food is fascinatingIt consists of gravybuttersausagesand biscuits. So if you are a fan of good food, then moving to Tennessee will be great for your appetite. These are the main things for calorie obsession. 

Here are some top tantalizing food items: 

  1. Banana Pudding 
  2. The Nashville Goo-Goo Cluster 
  3. Bell Buckle Moon Pies 
  4. Memphis Fried Pickles 
  5. Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever 
  6. Black Coffee 
  7. Rendezvous Barbecue 
  8. Pancake Pantry Sweet Potato Pancakes 
  9. Loveless Café Biscuits 
  10. Hattie B’s Hot Chicken 

Tennessee transport and roads 

Tennessee state has three main forms of transportation. They include some internal roads and highways. The main country airports are: 

  1. Memphis International Airport – he world’s largest air cargo operation.  
  2. Nashville International Airport 
  3. McGhee Tyson Airport 
  4. Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport 
  5. McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport 

Conclusion about 5 things you should have in mind when moving in Tennessee

Relocating to Tennessee is a great chance to steep yourself in history and culture. All that while enjoying a low cost of living. The state of Tennessee has a lot to offer new residents, no matter their interests.
If you are relocating here, you probably want to know if someone can help you. In that case, a professional moving company might be useful. Their goal is to make the relocation easier. Also, with hiring movers you get all their contacts in your new local area. Plus, they will do all the heavy lifting for you. So, you can focus on more pressing matters. Like finding a new job, or collecting information about your new area of residence.


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