Seattle might not seem like one of those prime locations for relocation. However, more people move to Seattle every day than you might think. Since Seattle is a unique city, you might need some time to adjust to the change. Especially if moving from a place like Los Angeles. So, make sure you are ready to adapt to Seattle after moving from LA and embrace the differences coming your way.

Get ready to adapt to Seattle with our 5 simple, but valuable tips

Our tips for your interstate move are very simple. You can also look at them as a sort of guide for your new home.

View of downtown LA during a sunset.

LA is such a unique city that wherever you move from it you will go through an adjustment period.

  1. The weather will take getting used to

The climate in Seattle is known as oceanic. Summers are warm and somewhat dry. On the other hand, winters are quite cool and wet. The biggest difference when trying to adapt to Seattle weather will be the frequent rainfall. Still, don’t be alarmed. Rainy dais in this city can be stunning.

  1. Switch the direction of your shopping habits and overall style

While on the topic of the Seattle weather, we must let you know that your bellowed closet will need to endure drastic changes. Your bikinis will get a bigger break than usual. Therefore, get ready to bust out your clothes out of winter storage. If you don’t have a winter wardrobe, it is time for a major shopping spree. Of course, don’t forget to buy rubber boots. Surely, you will need them more than you can imagine.

Sweater and other winter clothing that will hep you adapt to Seattle..

Finally, you will be able to enjoy wearing cozy winter clothing.

  1. Job markets are significantly different

The tech industry leads the way in Seattle’s job market. Other industries that are well developed in this region are:

  • Software development
  • eCommerce
  • Consulting

Of course, there are also other industries that can offer you employment once you move to Seattle. Unlike in LA, in Seattle, you will not find many daytime bartenders or waters looking to make it big in the entertainment business. While booking your move on, you can feel confident knowing that you are moving to a city that has excellent employment rates.

  1. In Seattle, people drink coffee religiously

Certainly, there are coffee drinkers in Los Angeles. However, residents of Seattle take it to the next level. That is why there is a café on every corner. On the contrary, in LA there are more juice bars that promote healthy living than regular coffee shops. After all, you must fit into your speedos or bikini all year long.

  1. There is excellent food everywhere

Instead of having an organic green smoothie for breakfast, in Seattle, you are more likely to have waffles with syrup or eggs with bacon. People eat real food that is tasty and provides more satisfaction. Not to mention, Seattle is known for its fabulous seafood. So, get ready to adapt to Seattle and eat like a boss. Your belly will certainly be grateful for this change.

You don’t have to do it on your own

Moving from one state to another can be a big challenge. Even for people that are accustomed to frequent relocating. There is no need to become a complete stress ball and move without help. Make things easier for you and hire professional movers to assist you. They will move you quickly and safely, while you concentrate on other important moving tasks.

You will be able to adapt to Seattle in no time

Every relocation is followed by some type of discomfort and need for acclimating. Moving from LA to Seattle will not be any different. Still, most things that you will need to get used to are not major. All you need is an open mind and a positive attitude. If that is how you approach your move, you will adapt to Seattle in no time.


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