Retirement is the phase in your life when you finally have nothing to worry about, and absolutely enjoy your days. That’s why many people decide to move to a place where their retirement can be amazing. And the location that always comes first to mind is surely Florida. The Sunshine State is the primary option for residents of all ages. But retirees in particular love spending their days off work. This article will help all of those elderly people who want to relocate to an amazing place. We present to you the top 6 places in Florida retirees love – cities you should consider for your upcoming relocation.

Reasons why Florida is great for retirement

It’s true that many people decide to make Florida their new home. However, there are still those having second thoughts about this relocation. For that reason, we want to start this guide by sharing all the great reasons why you should consider one of the places in Florida retirees love. Here are the main advantages of moving to the Sunshine State after your retirement:

  • all the sun – depending on where you’re coming from, Florida will amaze you more or less. However, it’s not possible to dislike it;
  • the beach – if you’ve dreamed of a beach during your working days, retirement is the best time to spend it as you’ve always wanted. And in Florida, it’s easy to find a new home right next to a beach;
  • budget-friendly environment – one of the main reasons why retirees love Florida is the tax system that is very appealing for seniors. Tax breaks make it easier to enjoy your hard-earned money, in the best possible way;
  • it’s easy to move – moving to Florida is made simple with That’s why seniors don’t need to worry about their relocation, as it is easy to find professionals to help you out.
  • things to do – with all the free time they have now, retirees love the places where there’s a lot to do. Social life and all the entertainment options keep the seniors active, which is why Florida is one of the favorite locations.
a couple of seniors in one of the places in Florida retirees love
Seniors love Florida because of all the opportunities to enjoy their retirement days.

Where to move? 6 places in Florida retirees love

1.Daytona Beach

Located right outside Orlando, this city has a great location and a lot to offer. The population of about 70,000 makes it a perfect size for seniors who want to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, with a variety of things to do. Moreover, the housing prices are quite affordable, which is another reason you should consider moving here.

2.Sunny Isles Beach

This small suburb of Miami is surely one of the favorites for seniors. It is a safe place with a very diverse community, so you will be welcome wherever you’re coming from. A lot of attractions can be found in the area, so you can enjoy parks, the beach, and amazing restaurants. And when it comes to moving here, be sure to ask teams in the neighborhood to help you out. There are professionals you can rely on and arrive in Sunny Isles Beach the safest way possible.


Another Florida gem where you can spend your retirement days is surely Weston. The place is always ranking high when it comes to the best places to live. Retirees love it because it’s safe, family-friendly, and in a great location. You’ll be living close to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but still, get the peace and quiet of a small town. And finally, it’s a great advantage that you can settle into your new home stress-free – local professionals can be of great help. Whether you’re just arriving at the place, or relocating to another Weston home, a reliable moving team will ensure you don’t get hurt or tired.

skyline of one of the places in Florida retirees love
Most of the places in Florida retirees love are located in the proximity of big cities but offer peaceful lifestyle.

4. Hialeah

This list of places in Florida retirees love should not go without Hialeah. Slightly bigger than the previous choices, this city provides more options to have fun. Beaches, cultural diversity, and entertainment are the strongest points of this place, so you should consider it as your new home.

5. Tampa

For those who want to continue a busy and active lifestyle even in retirement, Tampa is a great choice. Different attractions and ways to have fun attract many new residents, which is why almost 13 percent of the whole population is made of retirees. This fact shows that Tampa is surely one of the places in Florida retirees love – and this might be a great home for you too!

6. Venice

Even though it’s a smaller place on this list, Venice is one of the most popular locations in Florida. It’s a place where you don’t need to worry about safety, access to world-class beaches, outdoor activities, and a great lifestyle in general. Venice, FL has it all. The way its residents enjoy their daily routines will amaze you, and invite you to try them out.

Florida beach
Florida – the land of ocean and sun.

When to start planning your move?

To be able to choose the best place to live, you should visit your favorites from the list of places in Florida retirees love. This will give you a clear image of the atmosphere and housing these places have to offer. And once you pick your ideal retirement location, start planning your move. It takes time to prepare for such a step, so on-time planning and the help of a professional will ensure you don’t experience common moving stress and arrive safely at your new home. Welcome to Florida!


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