Your ability to negotiate a deal will impact the price of your apartment. You must decide what you want from your rental area before starting negotiations. Stay with us because we have 6 tips for renters in Indianapolis.

#1 Rent per month for renters in Indianapolis

How much rent you may afford should be your priority. Be truthful to yourself. When signing a lease with the rent you can’t truly afford, it’s wise to be aware of your financial limitations. Rent arrears are grounds for eviction and may result in a court order against you. Setting up a small amount of money each month is an excellent approach to make sure you have a budget for payments you receive just once or twice a year. For instance, if you pay $150 for insurance each year, divide by twelve and add $15 to your monthly budget for renter’s insurance.

#2 Security payment

Choose the security deposit amount that you can afford to make. The amount of money the tenant gives the landlord as a security deposit to satisfy the obligations of the lease is typically equivalent to one month’s rent. During this time, you also need to have a clear plan for organizing your possessions before a move. Also, some landlords could ask you to pay the final month’s rent in advance when you move out. The final month’s rent and a security deposit are not the same things. The security deposit cannot cover the final month’s rent.

Two renters in Indianapolis discussing a document next to a laptop.

A security deposit is one of the most important things when becoming a renter in Indianapolis.

Things you should have on your security deposit when you’re on the way to make your family and yourself renters in Indianapolis

Make sure you receive a receipt from your landlord proving your payment of a security deposit if you pay one. The following details ought to be on the receipt:

  • 1. The payment made
  • 2. Any outstanding balance on the security deposit
  • 3. The day that the money was received
  • 4. The payment’s intended usage (such as a security deposit or last month’s rent).
  • 5. Who is getting it in the recipient’s name
  • 6. The name of the owner who collects the rent

#3 Apartment’s state and necessary repairs

Visit the property and take a tour before you sign a lease. Explore the rental house at your own pace. But keep in mind that if you rent the space, you will call it home for a while. Verify if the lease allows you to leave if the repairs are not completed on time or to your satisfaction. Besides that, ask your landlord whether they will agree to pay a fine if the repairs aren’t completed by that time. Depending on the severity of the required repairs, you might want to consider if the landlord and the rental property are a good match.

#4 Conduct research before becoming one of the renters in Indianapolis

Ask the landlord’s present tenants how they feel about him or her. Inquire with the current renters about the landlord’s repair turnaround time. The same is true of communities. You can typically get a pretty good idea of the kind of neighborhood the rental home is in by questioning the present tenants, individuals who live in the neighborhood, and those who live on the side of town where the rental home is located. The thing you should also pay attention to is planning your relocation thoroughly.

#5 Pay attention to unit sizes

You should be able to estimate how much space you need based on the size of your current residence. Discover your present home’s square footage if you don’t already know it. Is your present residence too big? Is that too little? Are you in need of more rooms? A larger bathroom or living room? Make careful to look at the actual house you’ll be renting, not a model when looking at rentals. Moreover, while considering a rental home, make an effort to visualize how your belongings would fit there. Don’t forget to check out the rental home’s closet and storage space.

A picture of a well-designed kitchen with many plants;

Be aware of unit sizes and that they match in pictures and in person so you don’t get scammed after signing a lease.

On your way to becoming a proud renter in Indianapolis, check out how to move properly

Wrapping, unpacking, loading and unloading, transport, furniture installation and disassembly, and other services are provided by full-service movers. All of us want a proper and professional move, and one of the companies that can help you is My Movers. Expert help is what you need to enjoy your relocation and go through it completely stress-free. 

#6 Check for smoke detectors and outlets

Smoke detectors are very important according to the Indianapolis law

By law, any sleeping area outside of the bedrooms must have a functioning smoke detector. Is the rental house equipped with enough smoke detectors? Are the smoke detectors placed correctly? Make sure there are adequate electrical outlets in each room when you inspect rental homes. Your present residence is a place to begin. In each of your rooms, how many plugs do you use? Bring a nightlight and test each outlet with it to ensure that it is functional. There needs to be a smoke detector outside each bedroom, for instance, if your rental home has two bedrooms that are on opposite sides of the space.


Make sure there are adequate electrical outlets in each room when you inspect rental homes. Your present residence is a place to begin. In each of your rooms, how many plugs do you use? Bring a nightlight and test each outlet with it to ensure that it is functional. In case you’re unpacking with a toddler, be careful that every outlet is also safe-proofed.

Two outlets with black and white plug;

If you have small children make sure that every reachable outlet is protected.

In conclusion

To conclude, settling as one of the many renters in Indianapolis can be tough, but with proper planning and help, everything is possible. Just have everything ready in motion when the big day comes.


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