Today Canada is one of the most attractive countries to move to. A lot of people are seeking this place for a multitude of reasons. It offers some great job opportunities and is a great place to develop your business. It is a great place to raise a family and retire. Canada is a place of natural beauty, great quality of life, and healthcare. If you are business-oriented it also provides a lot of opportunities and many great markets. Ottawa is one of them. So, let’s see about some of the reasons to expand your business to Ottawa.

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The economy in Ottawa is developed and diverse which is one of the reasons to expand your business to Ottawa.

Ottawa is a desirable business market

There is a lot that speaks about Ottawa as one of the most desirable places to expand a business. It is the capital of Canada and it offers a great and dynamic business environment. With its 1 million inhabitants, it is a good market for almost any business. At the same time, it offers a rich pool of professionals in almost any field. This great quality of life, affordability, and income make it a magnet for young professionals and experts from all over. These are the reasons that make this city a diverse, vibrant, and developing economy. However, to really describe the reasons to expand your business to Ottawa we will list a few key ones.

Key reasons to expand your business to Ottawa

As we already know Canada is a great place to live and do business. the opportunities it offers are great and diverse. However, Ottawa is one of the most attractive markets for almost any business. The key reasons for this are:

  • The labor force
  • Cost of doing business
  • Quality of life
  • Global network
  • Diversity in economy
  • Diverse market
  • Overall business approach

Workforce pool

Ottawa is well known for its wealthy source of highly educated workforce. This means that it is great for finding talent in almost every field of work. More than 60% of the people have higher education and represent a significant resource for any business. The top employment sectors in the city are Health and education. Adminstration, scientific and technical services. rental and accommodation services. The city’s workforce is experiencing a constant rise while the unemployment percentage is falling. Today Ottawa has the highest concentration of engineers and scientists in North America.

Cost of doing business

When it comes to the cost of doing business Ottawa still proves to be one of the more inviting places. It is one of the most business-friendly cities in the western hemisphere. This makes the city one of the most sought-after fields of doing business that attracts plenty of companies from all over the world. Many of them are expanding their activities to this great city. This is particularly true in relation to high-tech companies that have their base here. This also makes the professional moving services very developed here. The moving market here is diverse making it easy to pick the best solution regarding the moving services your company might need.

River of people as workforce is one of the reasons to expand your business to Ottawa
With a rich pool of highly educated people Ottawa has a good predisposition for business development

Quality of life

One of the important factors for Ottawa as a business hub is the quality of life. The city is affordable with low taxes, housing prices, and crime. The healthcare here is top notch and the city offers plenty of opportunities to have a rich social and cultural life and education. At the same time, it offers great infrastructure making it easy to do business and be mobile in Ottawa. As such Ottawa is a great magnet for businessmen, professionals, and people with families that move here. This makes its pool of professional given more diverse and richer. All this is making the city great for starting or relocating a business.

Global network

As a capital city, Ottawa has the business advantage of being a part of the global business network. Ottawa is a great hub allowing businesses easy access and connections to many markets and industries worldwide. This is provided by the fact that Ottawa is home to 130 embassies from all over the world. It is close to a major international airport making it easy to connect worldwide. With all this Ottawa is one of the more important business hubs in this network and certainly one of the most important in North America.

Diverse economy

Ottawa boasts a very diverse economy and high activity in many sectors. The economy of the city is primarily centered around knowledge-based businesses as well as creative and tourism-based companies. Today we consider it a high-tech hub with many companies developing in the fields of life sciences, software, Digital and communication tech, aerospace, and defense industries. However, education, tourism, and manufacturing are also very strong. Besides, well-known high-tech multinational companies in Ottawa are known for building a supportive atmosphere. It supports entrepreneurship and nurtures homegrown businesses. It also welcomes companies moving in and developing further cooperation with domestic companies. that are open to cooperation with companies coming in.

A diverse market

One of the things that presents Ottawa as desirable business surroundings is a diverse market. The market is 1 million people large with different needs and wants. The companies that are present here also represent a huge commercial potential that is enough to spark interest in any business. This is why many companies are seeking assistance in regard to moving and expansion options. The key advice here is to seek professional help when expanding offices and moving to this rich market in Ottawa.

People in a meeting
Ottawa supports business development and entrepreneurs

Business approach

Overall Ottawa’s economy shares a lot of traits with the economy of Canada. This is mostly associated with a supportive economy that provides a lot of assistance and financial support to startups. It also creates a stimulative environment and welcomes foreign investors and business and office expansion. All of this along with a strong and stable economy makes Ottawa a great place to start, do and expand your business.

A short recap

It is clear that Canada and Ottawa in particular are desirable locations to move to and expand your business to. These places are great for business expansion and development. So, there are plenty of reasons to expand your business to Ottawa. All you have to do is do some research and find out just what you find most inviting for your business in Ottawa.


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