So, it’s time to move. And it’s not that easy, especially if you have a baby. Even worse, moving is not a cheap affair. Moving costs can get quite high, especially if you don’t have the time to figure everything out. But, luckily for you, it’s possible to save money when moving with a baby. You just need to know how to do it.

7 ways to save money when moving with a baby

Being frugal when moving is not impossible. You can do a thing here and there and save a decent amount of money. If packing can help you save a lot of storage space, thus saving money on renting storage, there’s no reason not to do it. So here are 7 ways you can save some money on the side, while still moving successfully.

Get quotes from several movers

Don’t rush it and go for the first moving company you come by. Instead, get quotes from several moving companies and compare them. However, you need to make sure they’re all quality moving companies, like Big Apple Movers NYC. After all, you can only leave your belongings in the hands of professionals.

Moving off-season in a place like Brooklyn

If your location has colder winters, like Brooklyn, or NYC in general, then moving off-season is an option. The reason is that a lot of people won’t choose to move from November to April, because of lower temperatures. And because of that, moving companies offer a discount. While this is one of the ways to save money on your Brooklyn move, think about it. This might be one of the ways of saving money when moving with a baby that you should pass on.

Don’t move all of your stuff

The fewer things you move, the less money you will spend. If you don’t have to move some of your things, just get rid of them. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to buy a whole new item, then to have it moved. Some of the old belongings, you can either:

  • sell
  • donate
  • recycle
  • throw away
Yard sale and free sign

You can even save money when moving with a baby if you donate your stuff

Find an affordable storage facility

The better you pack your belongings into a smaller storage unit, the less space it will take. The less space it takes, the smaller the unit you need. And smaller units are cheaper. And if you also find an affordable storage facility, with good packing, you’ll save some good money.

Find free packing supplies

There are tips for finding free boxes. While they are not that expensive, every bit counts. You can ask in local grocery or liquor stores to give you some boxes.
A man carrying a lot of boxes.

Finding free boxes is an easy way to save money when moving with kids

DIY move

Weigh the pros and cons and see if a DIY move is one of the good ways to save money when moving with a baby. It certainly can be cheaper, but see if it’s an option.

Track all of your moving expenses

After determining the moving budget, track all of the expenses that you make related to the move.

Keep it positive

It’s not easy trying to save money when moving with a baby. But, try to keep it positive. After all, you’re doing all of this to make your life better. With a big smile on your face, it will all be all right.


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