Perhaps you’re remodeling home and need a temporary place to store all items? Or you’re moving and need to downsize? Maybe you own a business that needs extra space for extra inventory, business files, or marketing collateral? If any of these situations apply to you, consider a storage unit. So, if you’re looking to add extra space to your life, use a beginner’s guide to self-storage to lead the way.

A Beginner’s guide to self-storage – Choosing the perfect self-storage

So, how to choose the best storage for your needs? Well, start by browsing the Internet to research the storage facilities in your area. Having your items close to your home or office might be your top priority. Maybe you need a climate-controlled unit or RV or boat storage. Research and find out what’s out there. But, make sure you know how to choose the right size. Over-estimating the amount of space you need is an easy mistake to make. It’s also costly because you’ll be paying for space you don’t need. Most facilities have at least 5 sizes. It’s recommendable to come and see the sizes. It’s always easy to know if something is too small.

When you have your eye on several possible self-storage partners, dig deeper. See which one best suits your storage needs as well as your budget. 

Unit Storage - A Beginner's guide to self-storage

Use a beginner’s guide to self-storage and choose the best unit.

Extra features and extra convenience

As it’s said before, it’s always recommendable to visit the storage facility before making a decision. Explore the neighborhood, meet the staff, and check out the facility’s condition. Learn how to inspect a storage unit before renting it. It will help you make the final decision. Also, ask about security features, gate access hours, and ground-level availability to add peace of mind to your storage decision. Remember, more features mean more convenience. 

Moving day – A Beginner’s guide to self-storage

When you’re planning a big moving day and your larger items won’t fit in your car, hire the movers. But, make sure they are reliable. And Verified Movers can provide you with a full analysis of the professional movers you’re considering to use before the moving day comes. 

If you have many items, organizing your unit may take time. So, develop a plan of attack in advance. Maybe you want to do it all in one day. But, splitting it up into smaller trips before or after work is the best approach.

Boxes Cardboard

Know how to pack your self-storage.

Organization is everything

No matter if you’re looking for short or long term rentals, organizing your unit is essential. It’ll help you maximize the space, find things faster, and preserve them. Put heavier items at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Storage units are tall, so stack as high as you’re comfortable with and make the most of the space available. But, don’t put yourself or your goods in danger.

Some items, like sofas, are better stacked on their ends to utilize the floor space more efficiently. If it’s possible, have a plan for packing your room, and that way you won’t bury items that you need more regularly. 


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