Are you about to move? Do you need extra space for items you want to store prior to relocation? In fact, if you want to dispose of your personal items, small furniture, toys, business supplies, appliances,  storage facility might be the right choice. Furthermore, when choosing a storage facility, you should take many factors into consideration. The items you want to house, for one thing. Once you decide what possessions you want to store, you will be able to choose other relevant storage features. Its size, to begin with. Having picked a suitable one, it’s time to think about the location. Next, take the matter of storage safety seriously. The optimal renting length should also be considered. Lastly, decide whether you want an indoor or an outdoor storage facility. If you’ve made up your mind, here is a list of advantages of renting storage when moving.

Top five advantages of renting storage when moving

Top five advantages of renting storage when moving

Advantages of renting storage when moving: Items-dependant storage size

First and foremost, storage facilities vary in size. That being said, you can choose small, medium or large storage units. The most important storage feature, however, is that they are items-dependant. Correspondingly, if you need to get rid of smaller belongings, rent a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit. It’s approximately 25 and 50 square feet. Therefore, space will be sufficient for less bulky house furniture. Likewise, you can store medium-sized furnitures such as sofas, mattresses, their frames, and desks in a medium, 10×10 storage unit. For instance, you can pack and stack

  • computers
  • photocopiers
  • cabinets
  • printers

In the same way, if you need to store heavy pieces of furniture like conference tables and cubicles., choose a larger one. Needless to say, once you store your possessions, you need to organize and declutter your storage unit.

A convenient location

People usually consider the advantages of renting storage when moving if they want to relocate easier. They want to downsize, but, simultaneously, they want to have the items nearby. That’s why a convenient storage facility location is a must. If you want to provide more free space, you can do so by renting a storage unit that is at a spitting distance from your home.

As a result, you can take a look at your possessions anytime. Plus, you can make sure they are all accounted for. Also, you can check if your precious belongings are safe that way. Moreover, having the items close to you might come in handy in case you change your mind. Additionally, if you are having second thoughts about bringing some of them back home, you can come and get them in no time.

Storage safety

Clutter-relief should be guaranteed by safe storage where your belongings are protected and taken care of. Therefore, opt for a clean, climate controlled storage. Unless it’s centrally managed, you should get a thermometer on your own. By the same token, it is of paramount importance to rent storage that is fully fenced. It follows that limited access gives you a piece of mind.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance – one of the most important advantages of renting storage when moving

In the same way, make sure your items are protected from harsh weather conditions that can damage or destroy them. Be wary of storage facility anti-theft mechanisms. It goes without saying a cutting-edge 24-hour surveillance system. A high level of safety is one of the most crucial advantages of renting storage when moving.  Once you are sure the storage is safe, you can learn how to use it.

The optimal renting length

One of the determining factors of storage cost is the optimal renting length. You might opt for a monthly-based rent given it’s the most cost-effective. Some companies occasionally provide free trail-period. Then again, some insist on a minimum lease length. The truth is it varies depending on the facility. On top of it, promotions and discounts make any storage more affordable. Furthermore, it shows the company flexibility.

Also, paying a few months in advance will go the long run when it comes to keeping your items extra safe. The common asking price for medium-sized storage is around 120$ per month. On the other hand, renting a climate controlled storage costs about 150$ per month. Equally important, the price is negotiable. This is one of the principal advantages of renting storage when moving.

Indoor vs outdoor

At first glance, you would probably choose indoor storage without giving it a second thought. It’ a suitable space for your possessions that are not exposed to hostile weather. What’s more, they are locked hence safe and secured. But, before you jump to the gun, you might want to know the ins and outs of an outdoor storage unit. They are in fact more convenient compared to the indoor ones in terms of loading and unloading items.

Open storage unit

One of the advantages of renting storage when moving is an outdoor storage option

You can thus benefit greatly from drive-up access. Park your vehicle just in front of it and take your belongings without having to carry a heavy load. No risk involved is an additional gain. Also, no tricky moving injuries due to proximity. This is one of the most significant advantages of renting storage when moving.

In conclusion

All things considered, there are many advantages to renting storage when moving. Namely, it adjusts to your items’ measurements in terms of size. At the same time, you can opt for a storage location that suits your needs best. Additionally, insist on safety details and procedures. Also, you can predict a cost due to the optimal renting length.

Lastly, you have a chance to choose between indoor and outdoor storage. Bear the moving injuries in mind when picking either of the two. Given these points, the advantages of renting storage when moving are numerous. Once you examine them, you will be fully aware of how important they are. Besides, renting storage requires a thorough analysis of its perks and downsides.


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