Last year wasn’t as anybody expected it to be. Maybe this one will clean things up a bit. Well, even if things in general, on a global scale, don’t go as smoothly as we hope they will, you can always provoke changes on your own personal level. That’s where you’re in charge. Maybe you’ve been planning an interstate move? We’re going to help you with that. In the text below check out the updated list of affordable cities in Florida and find out why more and more people are choosing Florida as their home state.

Cape Coral, FL

Located in the southwestern part of Florida, Cape Coral is a beauty of its own. Who wouldn’t want a pool in their backyard? How about this: that’s not the pool you have in your backyard, it’s the Gulf of Mexico. Well, some portion of it, for sure. It’s basically a city floating on water, and with nearly two hundred thousand residents it surely isn’t crowded enough for you to go mad. You can fish in your backyard if that’s your thing, and it probably is. Housing expenses are about 15% lower than the national average. Also, the cost of waterfront homes is far below the state’s average, which makes Cape Coral one of the cheapest cities to live in Florida.

Tampa, FL

Home to the well-known Buccaneers, Tampa is surely one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the state area. The average cost of living in Tampa, FL is 5% below the national average. Adding up to that – housing expenses are 23% lower than the US standard. If you’re thinking of moving to Tampa, reduce costs whenever you can, making sure you don’t spend a fortune moving to one of the most affordable cities in Florida, right? It would be truly ironic if that were to happen. And also just to mention the fact that along with NY, Tampa is one of the greenest cities in the US. By that we mean – it’s packed with trees.

A street in downtown Tampa, FL
Beautiful summer day spotted in downtown Tampa

Kissimmee, FL

With a cute name like that this town has already caught your attention. Settled in mainland Florida, a small ride away from Orlando, or, if you will, the Atlantic Ocean, Kissimmee is a perfect place for you to start fresh. With a population of about sixty thousand residents, you can say it’s a pretty quiet place. Not only does its birthname sound inviting, but the national statistic is also in Kissimmee’s favor. Housing expenses are a fantastic 23% lower than the national average, and the overall cost of living is 11% below the line.

Fort Meade, FL

This one is kind of special. It’s a pretty small town with a population of around six thousand people. If you want to move away from the busy everyday big city life – this one’s made for you. And if you’re into canoeing – think no more. The median price for a home in Fort Meade, FL is a fantastic $74,800, which makes it probably the cheapest town in the whole state.

Gainesville, FL

There are not many places like Gainesville in central Florida. It may sound like a cliché but we have facts you cannot disprove. Family-friendly and student-oriented, Gainesville is a peaceful community, filled with large green spaces and trees providing you with a fancy shade at every corner. Home to The University of Florida, Gainesville is an attractive place for your kids to realize their true potential as ambitious young US citizens. The cost of living in this beautiful university town is 8,7 % below the national average, which makes it quite affordable. Not just that – Florida itself is known to have a quality moving providers scene, so feel free to reach out to crews in the area, if Gainsville’s your pick, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be.

Students walking on campus
Gainesville is the educational center of Florida

Okeechobee, FL

Now here’s another one with a really neat name. Just like Fort Meade, this one is a very small community numbering around five thousand residents. But, there’s something else going on here. If you suddenly change your scenery, moving from a big town to a small place, you’re probably going to miss some big city features unavailable in your new home. Okeechobee folks found a way to make you feel like you’re in the epicenter of contemporary culture trends by organizing an arts and music festival simply called Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival. Arcade Fire and Flaming Lips played there in 2018 if that means anything to you. And it should. Hopefully, the COVID19 virus pandemic will be over soon enough and music festivals will generate the power they always had and will have.

Edgewater, FL

The name of this town might not be cool as Okeechobee but other characteristics play in his favor. Located on Florida’s east bank, this one is known for its marvelous oak trees. Edgewater is really close to Daytona Beach and is an hour away from one of the largest and most populous cities in the state, Orlando. Disney World’s not far either so your kids will be thankful if you decide to settle down in this beautiful coastal town. Edgewater is, according to the statistics, one of the cheapest towns to live in, in Florida. With a nice suburban feel to it, Edgewater should definitely be on your list.

Ocean beach in Florida
Known for its low cost of living, Florida is also easily recognize by it outstanding beaches

A quick summary of the most affordable cities in Florida

The list above does not include every cheap place in the state, and we have maybe missed a few good ones, for sure. That’s because Florida has a lot to offer. We’re nearing the end of the text so let’s summarize the data. On our list we have:

  • Cape Coral, FL – a haven for fishing enthusiasts
  • Tampa, FL – alongside NY, the greenest city in the States
  • Kissimmee, FL – with a name like that it can be located on Mars and you’d still want to move there
  • Fort Meade, FL – a quiet town and probably the cheapest one in all of Florida
  • Gainesville, FL – the educational center of Florida, family-oriented community, and a surprisingly cheap place to live
  • Okeechobee, FL – a little town with a huge festival
  • Edgewater, FL – oak tree paradise on the east bank of the peninsula


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