Monterey County is one of the most beautiful places to visit and enjoy nature. Pacific Grove is one of the towns that has a special beauty and a lot of pet-friendly activities to offer. The place is great for families. Beautiful nature, perfect views, and beaches, and the ocean offer plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities for the whole family. However, if you also own a pet, you will be interested to know the best Pacific Grove locations for families with pets. We can help you with this one.

Pacific Grove – the town

Pacific Grove is located on the Central Coast of California. It is surrounded by Pebble Beach and Monterey and is a much cheaper alternative to these popular tourist attractions. The town offers peace and quiet and is a great weekend getaway. But besides that, the town is perfect for families to settle into. So, once you visit and fall in love with the town consider moving here with the help of Mod Movers CA. Its coastline is perfect for enjoying the beach and walks along the ocean. At the same time, the town has a historical, Victorian Era downtown to enjoy.

Interesting architecture at one of the beautiful Pacific Grove locations for families with pets.
You can enjoy the center of town or find some other activity with your kids and pets

But if you live here with a family and you own a pet, you want to know where the best locations for fun and relaxation are. Pacific Grove offers some of the best outdoor spaces to enjoy with your pets. However, the whole Monterey area is perfect for family outdoor activities with pets. So, beautiful Pacific Grove offers:

  • Asilomar State Beach
  • Rip Van Winkle
  • Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail

Asilomar State Beach

This beach offers a great time at the coast with your pets. A mail long strip of sandy beach and a coast trail is perfect for enjoying nature. You can explore both the coast and the forest on this beach.

Rip Van Winkle

This open space between the Grove and pebble beach and just above the Asilomar Beach. It is open at all times. This wooded park offers plenty of walking opportunities and is an adventurous space for your pets.

A beach
Rugged coastline and pristine nature offer a great time with your pets outside

Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail

This is a trail running along the former railroad. It’s a great place for walking and enjoying nature in Pacific Grove.


While Pacific Grove is one of the best places to live in California, the whole of Monterey County is family perfect and pet friendly. This is why many families are moving here locally from other parts of California. So you can also move everything to your new place in Monterey and Pacific Grove to enjoy everything they have to offer.

There are more than 40 pet-friendly places to enjoy in the county besides the beautiful scenery of Pacific Grove. Monterey State Beach and Veteran’s Memorial Park are perfect for long walks and enjoyment of beautiful views. El Estero Park and Carmel Beach are also pet-friendly. For a more urban feel, you can enjoy lunch with your pet in a Sanctuary Beach Resort, Bay Park Hotel, or any of the many restaurants and hotels that are pet-friendly. With this much to offer, moving to the area to exploit the perfect conditions for families with pets can be a good decision.

A sign post with directions
Exploits the beautiful nature and trails in the Atlantic Grove area

So, both Monterey and Pacific Grove are pet friendly. They offer plenty of family and pet-related activities to enjoy. So you can consider moving to one of the beautiful Pacific Grove locations for families with pets yourself in the near future.


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