Florida is one of the best states to build a home. The Sunshine State has diverse, affordable, and trendy options. Whatever your circumstances are, you will be able to find a place for your new house. To assist you in finding a city for your new home, we have the best Florida places to build your new house. And when you choose one, make a simple timeline to ease your move. Let’s begin! 

Best Florida places to build your new house – Lakewood Ranch

The first place on our list is Lakewood Ranch. Let’s see what it has to offer. 

  • Lakewood Ranch is one of the best Florida places to build your new house because it is a planned community. As it is a planned community, it has all the amenities of big cities. 
  • The main center for activities in Lakewood Ranch is Main Street. You can get everything on Main Street, fancy stores, cinemas, and even mini-golf. If you are alone or have a family, Main Street has activities for everybody. 
  • If you like the outdoor and want to stay active, you will not have to be home in Lakewood Ranch. There are over 3000 acres of open space. You can walk on many trails, take your dog out in the many dog park or play basketball. 
  • Lakewood Ranch also has a vibrant art and culture scene. If you want to see a play, visit the Players Centre for Performing Arts or the Manatee Performing Arts Center. These two community theaters offer performances and classes for those interested in theater. For those who would like to look at some art as they dine, check out Village of the Arts. 
  • The most significant part of Lakewood Ranch is the community. There are about 35,000 residents, so you will get to know your neighbors and create connections. 
House in TX.
If you want to have a great home in the Lone Star State, you will need to learn how to find a reliable realtor in Texas!

So if you like what you see, turn to experts nearby – local Lakewood Ranch movers will pack you up and move you stress-free. They know the area and will not experience any problems on the road. 

Best Florida places to build your new house – Pensacola

Pensacola is the county seat of Escambia County, with a population of about 35,000. This town has a lot to offer to someone looking to settle there.

  • The first benefit of moving to Pensacola is the cost of living. Since you are planning to build a home, you have to save your money. Because of it, you will be happy to find out that the cost of living in Pensacola is 87.3, which means that it is lower than the national average at 100. The most affordable thing in Pensacola is housing. Because housing is not as costly, you can rent a place until your home gets built and not spend a fortune.  
  • The second benefit of Pensacola is the beaches. Everybody knows that Florida has beautiful sandy beaches, but those in Pensacola stand out. The beaches in Pensacola are rated high on the internet and Pensacola Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in America. So if you like spending time in the sun with sand between your toes, come to Pensacola but try to save money on packing supplies when you move. 
  • One of the most significant things in life is our health. Well, if you move to Pensacola, your health will be taken care of by the best doctors in America from the West Florida Hospital. West Florida Hospital is considered one of the best health facilities in the nation. 
  • Finally, Pensacola has many fun amenities. You can dine in a 5-start restaurant or more casual options. For nature lovers, there are many parks and nature trails. To get to Pensacola, Big Man’s Moving Company will assist you. They offer a plethora of moving services and will relocate you comfortably. 
a lifeguard house on a beach
Relax on Pensacola Beach.

Best Florida places to build your new house – Pinellas County 

Pinellas County has a population of almost a million, and there are many desirable places to make a home there. We are going to single out a few for you. 

St. Petersburg 

The third place on our list is St. Petersburg, Florida. With approximately 270,000 citizens, it is the fifth populated city in Florida. The cost of living in St. Petersburg is 98.6, which is lower than the national average and the Florida average. On top o the affordability St. Petersburg has a strong job market. The unemployment rate is only 4.6 %, while the national average is 6%. St. Petersburg is different from other entries on this list because it is a green city. Since 2017 St. Petersburg has only used renewable energy. So move here and be efficient because there are always things to do while movers are moving


The fourth city on our list is the county seat of Pinellas County Clearwater. Clearwater has a population of about 107,000 people. The cost of living in Clearwater is lower than the Florida average. In addition, the unemployment rate is lower, and the job market is only growing. The most affordable thing in Clearwater is housing. 

When it comes to amusement, Clearwater does not lack compared to the other places on the list. For those who like theater, get a ticket for the Capitol Theatre or the Royal Theatre. If you want to experience the wonders of sea life, you should visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. There you can check out rescued animals like dolphins, sea turtles, and many more. You can also go on a boat ride or a guided tour. 

clown fish on coral reef
Experience sea life in Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

So if you want to move to any of these two cities in Pinellas County, the county has great service. Local Pinellas County movers will help you move in. They are available seven days a week and will tackle any moving problem with ease. 


These are our best Florida places to build your new house. Choose any of these places, and you will be happy. Good luck! 


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