Cordova is located east of Memphis and is a community within Shelby County. If you happen to be relocating there but are unfamiliar with the area, go through a research period. Thorough research will help you get a better insight into the community while revealing some of the best places to find your new home. In addition, researching the best neighborhoods in Cordova will help you look into its real estate trends and give you an idea of what it would be like to live there. Make sure to jot down all the essential questions for your home research. Are you looking for a family-friendly neighborhood? Would you prefer a more urban and fast-paced neighborhood? Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll explore your options of the best neighborhoods when it comes to moving to Cordova

Moving to Tennessee

Whether the relocation is local or not, a solid plan will definitely help simplify the moving process. With a good moving plan, choosing from the neighborhoods in Cordova will be much better organized and much more efficient. Moreover, a plan gives you a sense of a moving timeline while you go through the daily checklist. For example, breaking down the entire process into multiple stages will help you maintain a strong level of organization. 

A street in Memphis you can visit very often once you move to one of the best neighborhoods in Cordova.
Cordova is close to Memphis, where you can go explore and try new things!

Therefore, once you decide on your move to Cordova, Tennessee, start by putting together your plan and use it as a guideline throughout the process. As you look into each neighborhood, write down the pros and cons of each, as this will help you make your final decisions about where you want to find your new home. 

Best Neighborhoods in Cordova

Cordova is a good community to move to. With the cost of living averaging below the national numbers, and the median home price being around $180 000 and $185 000, finding a nice home here would be ideal. The key to your research is to be aware of what you are looking for in your new home while discovering what the place has to offer you. Therefore, here is a list of some of the best neighborhoods in Cordova:

  • Pisgah / Crossroads
  • Walnut Grove Rd / S Sanga Rd
  • Raleigh Lagrange Rd / Dexter Rd
Two road signs saying choice and pointing to opposite directions.
How do you choose the right neighborhood for you? Make sure to do extensive research and perhaps even visit in person prior to deciding!

As a medium-sized town in the state of Tennessee, Cordova has a good quality of life, a strong education system, and a good graduation rate, all the while being interesting and diverse. 

Packing 101

When relocating from point A to point B, packing is one of the most important stages. The better organized the process of packing, the easier the move becomes, and as a result unpacking simplifies. We suggest breaking down the repetitive process of packing so that you can maximize productivity. For example, ensure to go room by room so that you can better categorize what you pack in your moving boxes. In addition, labeling each box will make it easier for the movers and yourself. 

A wooden crate with the word fragile written on it.
Ensure to label each and every box/container that you pack. It’ll help movers on the moving day and you will simplify the unpacking process as well.

On the other hand, if it fits within your budget and you don’t want to handle this task, you can hire professional packers. A skilled crew can ease the process in many ways, enabling you to focus on other important elements of your relocation to one of the neighborhoods in Cordova

Moving Companies

Another way you can simplify your move to Cordova and stress-less is by hiring a moving company for the relocation. If you are able to find a reliable crew and ask local professionals to give you a hand, moving your belongings will be efficient and simple. In the meantime, make sure that you do extensive research about any and all moving costs on your move to one of the neighborhoods in Cordova. While you evaluate different moving companies and local crews for help, never opt for the first option you come by. It is essential to ensure that the moving company or local crew you choose is someone you can rely on, trust, and know that they are efficient. Overall, compare a variety of options and their fees, and evaluate thoroughly before making final decisions. 

Exploring Cordova 

Once you relocate to your new home in Cordova and you begin settling in, it would be a great idea to explore the town and get to know your surroundings a little bit better. Here are some things you can explore once you move:

  • Check out the Memphis Botanic Garden
  • Go visit Whiskey + Doughnuts where you can try this interesting combination of alcohol and pastries
  • If you moved with your family, spend a fun day at Golf & Games Family Park 
  • In the mood for a movie? Grab a friend and go to the Malco Summer Drive-In for an outside movie experience with snacks

In order to make sure you settle into your new home efficiently and in an organized manner, communicate with your moving crew. You can ensure that your items and boxes be placed exactly where you want to unpack them. Meanwhile, in order to be organized with your moving company, first, ensure to find someone and book your moving day early on. Contact well ahead of the move, and discuss their terms and fees along with your list of moving needs. 

Happy Moving

All in all, moving to one of the best neighborhoods in Cordova can easily become simple and successful. Starting off right with a solid moving plan will definitely ease the process and help you stress less. Breaking down the big step into multiple stages will also help you tackle each task individually while completing everything within the given timeline of your move. Cordova is a nice town to move to, and there are many aspects of it to look forward to. As long as you can maintain organization while remaining focused and efficient, you will enjoy your new home before you know it. 


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