Johannesburg has been quite a popular option for ex-pats. The place provides new residents with an excellent work-life balance, which is why many foreigners choose to find a job here. If you’re thinking about moving here, maybe this post is the sign you’ve been waiting for. In this guide, you’ll find out why the city is a great place to live. More importantly, you’ll get to choose from some of the best neighborhoods in Johannesburg for ex-pats, making your move easier.

Reasons why ex-pats love Johannesburg

As we have mentioned, Johannesburg is a pretty popular choice among expatriates. But why is that? There are several reasons why the city makes a good home for foreigners. Here are some of them:

  • Booming business and numerous job opportunities – The main reason why people come here is because of work. The city offers multiple job opportunities with outstanding salaries, making life here quite comfortable;
  • Affordable housing – With a good salary, an affordable home adds to a comfortable lifestyle. Compared to Cape Town and its suburbs, houses and apartments come with more reasonable prices. Exploring the best neighborhoods in Johannesburg for ex-pats, you’ll see that prices differ depending on the location, but they are still relatively inexpensive;
  • Free time options – After a long day at work, it’s crucial to have an opportunity to have some fun and enjoy your free time. Johannesburg offers many fun activities, great shopping spots, and numerous things to do outdoors. Expect to have an active lifestyle after moving here and weekends filled with different activities every time.
A group of people showing thumbs up for the best neighborhoods in Johannesburg for ex-pats.
Johannesburg is a very popular choice among expatriates.

However, the one downside of moving here is the long travel. If you’re moving from another country, you should prepare for a long-distance international relocation. Proper organization is essential to a smooth move. Also, your items will have to travel for a while, so make sure you pack well, not only your delicate valuables but your furniture as well. It’s important to protect your favorite pieces during transport, so extra-safe packing techniques are something to look for.

Where to move? Some of the best neighborhoods in Johannesburg for ex-pats

As an ex-pat, it may be more difficult for you to choose the best area to move to. If you haven’t been to Johannesburg yet, you probably wonder how to pick the right home. Well, we come to the rescue. Here’s a selection of favorite neighborhoods in Johannesburg among ex-pats, so it is easier for you to start house-hunting and preparing for the move.


The two suburbs, Sandown and Bryanston, formed this fantastic area of Johannesburg, making it a good choice for ex-pats. Many foreigners live here because of its proximity to the business district, the airport, and a huge shopping mall. It’s a vibrant and wealthy place where people can enjoy shopping, going out with friends, and being close to their offices.


Another prestigious suburb of the city – Illovo, is also sought after by ex-pats coming to Johannesburg to work. The area is filled with the finest restaurants, which is excellent news for all the foodies. Illovo is great for people who like sports, too – especially those who enjoy cricket and golf.  Even though it’s not the most affordable in the city, the housing is genuinely spectacular. You can pick among unique homes in this area, but you need to be quick. Good homes go out of the market pretty quickly.

Hyde Park

If you want to live in a beautiful home with a perfectly landscaped garden – Hyde Park is where to start your search. Hyde Park is where you can choose among big, beautiful homes and large apartments, and cluster homes.


Even though it’s located about 30km away from the city center, Fourways is undoubtedly one of the best neighborhoods in Johannesburg for ex-pats. They love it because it is secure and has everything your family needs. Good schools are close, too, in case you want to move with kids. The community is pretty tight and welcoming, which is why ex-pats feel comfortable in Fourways.

A yellow baloon with a smile drawn on it.
There are many happy and satisfied ex-pats in Fourways.

Moving to Johannesburg as an ex-pat

It’s not easy to relocate to another country and disrupt your whole life. However, this is not a bad thing; it is just a bit challenging. The main thing about starting somewhere new is to be prepared for the change of the environment and stay open-minded about the new things and people that come your way.

However, experts note that ex-pats should focus on the security of their move, organizing everything to detail. Making a solid plan and trusting someone professional to deal with your belongings will help you feel more secure and minimize the risks of unpredictable situations.

A lot of signs saying help.
Trust reliable professionals with your move.

Furthermore, finding a home may be a challenge in case you haven’t moved here yet. Also, buying a home may not be a good idea at first. It’s best to explore some of the Johannesburg neighborhoods first. So, think about renting a home for a while. It will allow you to get to know the area better and decide on the best place for you. Either way, your house-hunting process should have security as a top priority. Focus on safe areas of the city, and pick the properties with some additional safety levels, such as cameras or even personnel.

And finally, homesickness can be another issue for ex-pats. Luckily, the city of Johannesburg will ensure you always have something to do, making your days here more fulfilled and fun. Also, be sure to focus on your career, meet new people, and keep in touch with your loved ones through different online communication services. Welcome to Johannesburg!

Final words

Relocations are never easy. Still, if you pick the right place to start the new chapter of your life, the transition will be much easier. Therefore, consider these neighborhoods in Johannesburg for ex-pats when you start looking for your new home. Ex-pat communities tend to stick together and they help one another settle in faster.


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