Delaware is a tourism paradise, with a diverse range of attractions, a beautiful coastline, beautiful beaches, and even some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the country. It’s also a very appealing area to settle in, thanks to its gorgeous cities and unique communities. First-rate schools, good resources, amazing public services, and low crime rates are just a few of the many appealing features in places in Delaware County for single parents that contribute to it being one of the greatest places to settle down. You don’t want to clutter your new home so use some storage ideas for stuff that’s always in your way. But you don’t want to throw away the items.

Many great places in Delaware County

There are many places that are great for single parents in Delaware County. You only need to know what you need from a place to be happy with your family. You will see the following:

  • Lewes
  • Media
  • Townsend

You can easily find many more places where you can settle down in Delaware County. Just make sure that the place that you are going to has all the checkmarks you want. Expert movers Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia advise that when you find the perfect place, call the pros. So, they can help you with the moving process. Single parents already have their hands full. Therefore, professionals will make your life easier.

Researching online the places in Delaware County for single parents.

You will easily find the place that fits all of your needs in one of the places in Delaware County for single parents.

Lewes is a great choice

Lewes stands out in a number of ways. This place is well known for having the 3rd lowest poverty and unemployment rate. And it’s not like residents in Lewes are struggling. After all, people know it as the wealthiest city in Delaware. At $72,609 per year, residents here have the 6th highest median family income in the state. Which is fantastic when you’re paying $612,700 for a house, which is the largest average price in the area.

On the plus side, real estate taxes in Lewes are cheap, and both income and property value has increased by about 8% in the last year. When you are a single parent then step by step relocation guide will be helpful, especially if is cross country.

Media is one of the best places in Delaware County

The population of about 5.400 people at this moment. This is a smaller place but don’t let it fool you. Only 13 miles from Philadelphia this place will offer you everything you need and more. Media is very rich in history and you will be able to see landmarks and historic districts.

The only thing in Media you need is to find assistance in the area so you can move to this beautiful place. Professionals will help you with all aspects of relocating. Which will include doing all the heavy lifting and transporting your belongings to the new home without any damage.

Parent and child having fun outside

Media will give you and your child a fresh start.

Townsend is a great suburb area

Townsend, Delaware, may appear to be a little town with only 2,546 residents. This charming neighborhood, though, isn’t your typical suburb. Townsend attracts young professionals with excellent schools and easy access to nearby business districts. The city does have a median family income of $137,856, which places it first in the state. With a median property value of $334,400.

Townsend is located in the state’s northern region. Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city, is just a short drive down the road. It’s also around an hour and a half outside of Philadelphia. Don’t forget that you can save money on packing supplies when moving to one of the places in Delaware County for single parents. Every penny counts when you are starting fresh as a single parent.


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