Maryland is on the rise, climbing 19 spots on CNBC’s list of “America’s Top States for Business” in 2021. This dramatic shift, which places Maryland as the 12th best state for business/startups, makes it the state that has improved the most in this year’s ranking. So, obviously today we will be finding the best places in Maryland for small business owners. Whether you are looking to start a small business or move an already existing one you will need some help. We can show you who can help you with that task later in the text.

5 reasons why it is smart to start your business in the Maryland

  1. workforce – Maryland ranks fourth in the nation with 40% of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or even higher. About  20% of Maryland residents hold a graduate or a professional degree, placing the state second in the country.
  2. infrastructure – One of the nation’s best-performing power grids, broadband access for about 95% of the state, and well-connected transportation infrastructure.
  3. location – since Maryland is so close to DC the opportunities are endless
  4. culture and diversity – this is among the most diverse states in the country, with world-class cultural institutions.
  5. education – Maryland has top-notch education and this is a place to be

Now that we discussed the reasons why Maryland we can start checking out the cities for you.

number five

Now you know all five reasons, let’s start!


Rockville is the hub of the Interstate 270 Technology Corridor, which includes major biotechnology and software industries as well as federal government facilities. The quality of life here is high. This city has some amazing amenities but can benefit greatly from some additional restaurants and coffee shops near college and university campuses. Can you help? Another great thing about this place is that they have great healthcare. But, they need some additional spas – this might be an opportunity for you. One of the most substantial Chinese populations in Maryland is located in Rockville so don’t open Asian food restaurants – they already have all they need. Buying office space in this area can be a better solution than renting.


Bethesda is one of America’s wealthiest and most educated communities, and it’s located northwest of Washington. One of the biggest institutions like the National Institutes of Health and also Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as well as the Lockheed Martin headquarters for the defense industry can all be found in this area. The downtown area is stunning, and it’s easily accessible to locals. As you can see healthcare is covered here. So are the downtown amenities but what this area lacks are new and fresh restaurants. If you are in the food industry this might be a good place for you. If you need additional storage for your business, you can find some pretty affordable ones in this area.

A woman in one of the best places in Maryland holding a "We are open" sign

This can be a great place for your business.

For posh businesses – Towson

Towson is an affluent neighborhood with a typical family income of $88,000 and a number of excellent institutions of higher education and healthcare, including Towson University, Goucher College, and three hospitals. Towson Town Center, a huge indoor mall, and the city’s many parks give locals plenty of options for having fun, whether it’s cold or hot outside. If you have a small business that is a little bit on the posh side this is the place for it. This is an affluent town and many people here are looking for nicer things.

Silver Spring

Silver Spring, which has seen a surge in new residential, business, and retail construction, is home to the headquarters of a number of prominent technological companies. Downtown Silver Spring holds a plethora of fun festivals, and the neighborhood’s many parks and unique eateries contribute to the area’s high quality of life. Both Montgomery College and Howard University are within easy commuting distance. Starting a small business here can be quite great.

Clarksburg is our favorite

Clarksburg, located in Montgomery County, is widely considered to be one of Maryland’s finest suburban communities. Most people who live in Clarksburg own their own homes, adding to the town’s minimal suburban vibe. Small businesses flourish in nice suburban areas. There are numerous parks in Clarksburg. Do you know what adults like to do while the kids play in the park? Drink coffee. Can you offer them? Clarksburg is home to a sizable and diverse family population, and its citizens are generally progressive. There is a place for your business here. If you are just starting your business here or moving it here make sure to reach out to professionals to help you with all the heavy lifting and settling in.

North Bethesda

North Bethesda, located only four miles to the northwest of the nation’s capital, benefits greatly from its proximity to major highways (I-270 and I-495). So do local businesses! There are over a dozen unique communities in North Bethesda, as well as the popular White Flint shopping mall and the highly acclaimed Montgomery County Public Schools. This is a nice and affordable place that is full of possibilities for small businesses because of its location.

A woman holding a sign

Does this place look like a good place for your business?

Starting or moving your business to one of the best places in Maryland we just showed you

Choosing between the best places in Maryland we just showed you will be tough. You will have to do some serious research first and then you will need to find a realtor to find you the right property. Once all of that is done the time will come to open the doors to your business. But before that, you will have a lot of work cut out for you. Preparing everything, unpacking, and settling in is never easy. That’s why we always call professionals like to help us out. You should too.

Before we go

We just wanted to wish you a stroke of good luck with your upcoming adventure of yours and with starting your new business. Maybe we will hear from you soon! After all, you will be a shiny new business in one of the best places in Maryland.


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