Choosing your new living place is not always easy. There are so many details you need to count on. Besides your needs, you need to think about the wishes of your loved ones. Your family members can be demanding, and we are not talking just about kids. Pets have their own needs too, especially dogs. Because of this, when looking for your new location you also need to check the best places in Passaic County, NJ for dog owners.

One of the most beautiful parts of New Jersey

Passaic County is located in the northeastern part of New Jersey and it is a part of the New York metropolitan area. Passaic is a pretty populated area with a bit over a half-million residents. This beautiful county consists of hills areas and a few charming lakes which make it perfect for long walks with your dog. When you are searching for the best places in Passaic County, NJ for dog owners you need to target the outdoor towns which are perfect for dog owners like:

  • Ringwood
  • Little Falls
  • Pompton Lakes

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Person sitting beside the dog

Move with your best friend into a better future

Province in Passaic County

This is a nice and small province with just a bit over 12 thousand residents and it is home to some unique natural treasures like New Jersey Botanical Garden at Skyland with unique Skyland Manor, Shepard Lake Area, Ringwood state park. Nature around here is breathtaking which places it among the best places in Passaic County, NJ for dog owners. This is also heaven for a young professional with a median family income. Buying a home here is a good decision if you want to have a nice life with your pet

Provence is next to a waterfall on the Passaic River

Little Falls is a suburban area with some of the best living conditions. You can find a great house, a good job and the nightlife in this town is excellent so you can expand your social circle. If you are a dog owner it is good to know that Little Falls offers some extraordinary parks and hiking tracks along the lake. This town offers a lot of green areas for your charming four-legged friends.

Dog on a clif

Explore nature through someone else eyes

Borough in Passaic County

Pompton Lakes is a New York suburb on an outskirt of a city. This is among the best places in Passaic County, NJ for dog owners because of open areas all around. Numerous lakes are surrounded by hiking tracks and parks are perfect for spending a nice time outside. These hiking tracks are ideal for your dog’s long strolls. If you thinking about your needs then you need to know that Pompton lakes are the best place to live in New Jersey. This suburb offers everything, and if that is not enough, New York is behind the corner. If this is your choice, locals are the best assistance when it comes to moving. You can arrange everything with them and they will be more than happy to help you out with relocation.

It will need some effort to find the best places in Passaic County, NJ for dog owners because you need to think about everyone’s needs. Once you decide, be sure to prepare the ground for your pet just like you did it for yourself.


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