If you plan to buy a holiday house in Essex County in New Jersey, then you are in the right place. In case you still have not decided which place for spending your holidays will be ideal for you, this text can be very helpful. All of the places that are mentioned here are beautiful and astonishing locations in New Jersey.

Essex Fells

Essex Fells is one of the boroughs in Essex County. It has wonderful places and parks and all of them are ideal for recreation. Grover Cleveland Park is an excellent place for people who love nature and long walks. Moreover, there is also Essex Fells Pond. Local residents usually call it simply “The Pond”. It is placed on Fells Road and its favorite holiday destination for many people. Especially during winter months. From December to March, young people, people with families, and the elderly love spending their free time there. Some of the most popular activities in Essex Fells pond are figure skating, ice skating. and pond hockey. The ones who prefer spending their winter holiday in a place like this absolutely love this location. If you decide to relocate there, contact Gibraltar Van Lines New Jersey. They can be of great help to you when moving

Roseland is one of the best places where you can buy a holiday house in Essex County

Roseland is also one of the boroughs in Essex County in the state of New Jersey. According to some sources, this location is among the best places where people can live in this state. Moreover, it has the Roseland School District that many find great. Roseland and surrounding area are definitely perfect for family life. But, if you decide to move there, you have to plan everything in advance. Firstly, you must create a moving checklist. Secondly, you should estimate your moving costs. Thirdly, you need to consider hiring a professional relocation company. That will definitely make your move both faster and easier. And, you will not have to stress over some things. Before you start packing, make sure to sell on the internet or donate all the old furniture items. If you do that, you will not have to spend more money in order to transport them.

A man writing down a plan to buy a holiday house in Essex County.

You have to plan everything when buying a holiday house in Essex County in New Jersey and moving there.

Silver Lake

The next great place for buying a holiday real estate in Essex County is Silver Lake. Many people find it ideal for spending holidays with their loved ones. Moreover, it is a peaceful place where you can relax. In case you choose this location to buy your holiday house, you should search for some professional help when moving there. You can be sure that a professional relocation company will help you get anywhere you need in Essex County. 

Caldwell is a beautiful place where you can buy a holiday house in Essex County

Caldwell is one of the beautiful boroughs in Essex County. It has a small-town vibe. Public transportation to Manhattan is only five minutes away. This location is ideal for people who love old town charm. Moreover, Caldwell has a small cinema, many excellent restaurants, and town events. Some of these events are Sumer Town Piknik, fireworks for July the fourth at James Caldwell High School, an October street fair in trick or treating on Bloomfield Avenue, and ice skating in Grover Cleveland Park in winter. In addition, there are more attractions in Caldwell. Some of them are Metlife Stadium, Mount Claire Art Museum, and the Mall at Short Hills. As you can see, it has to offer so many things to people who love tasting new food, shopping, culture, art, and sports. Importantly, many homes are available in Caldwell. Moreover, you will be able to choose whether you want a completely new house or a classic family home, like colonials with white fences. When it comes to education, it has excellent schools and Caldwell University.

A new house.

Caldwell has many beautiful houses which you can choose from when buying a holiday place for you and your family members.

Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge is a beautiful neighborhood in Essex County in New Jersey. Houses there are astonishing. You can buy a modern holiday home there, but you can also choose one of the more traditional styles, like Tudor or Victorian house. Moreover, trees and greenery are present in Glen Ridge, which makes it even more beautiful. Each house has a garden.


Belleville is a place in Essex County in New Jersey that has an excellent school district. It is a peaceful town with low crime rates and low unemployment rates. Importantly, poverty is almost non-present. If you decide to move there, you will be able to have dinners in excellent restaurants, go shopping in great stores, and do many other fun things when you are on holiday with your family. When it comes to real estate, there are many beautiful houses available in this town.

A restaurant.

Bellville is a place with excellent restaurants that have very tasty food and a pleasant atmosphere which many people love.

Bloomfield is a wonderful place where you can buy a holiday house in Essex County

Finally, we have Bloomfield. This town in Essex County in New Jersey is also a wonderful place. It is well known for its beautiful architecture. Moreover, it has a wide range of shops and restaurants. Like Bellville, it is also very peaceful and ideal for family life. For this reason, many people with children decide to move there. It has great educational opportunities for small kids, teenagers, and adolescents. But that is not everything. Bloomfield also has Blommfiled college.


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