In today’s bustling world we all seek some peace and quiet. This is why smaller towns and suburban areas are becoming more and more popular. This is especially true for families with children. Choosing the right place to raise a family is of paramount importance. One of the best places to do just so is New Hampshire. It is known as one of the safest places in the US. In addition, it has a lot more factors to take into account when making this decision. So, let’s try to list the best suburban towns in New Hampshire for big families. Let’s also explore what is important when choosing a place for your family.

What is important

There are many factors to consider when choosing a place to live with your family. You want to find the best solution for the upbringing of your children. Most people try to analyze

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Education
  • Cost of living and
  • Social-economic situation.

Based on all of these criteria New Hampshire stands out. Its main attribute is many smaller towns and suburbs that offer a small-town feel. They are made up of tight-knit communities where people have a special type of bond. These places are safe, friendly, and welcoming. So, let’s explore some of the suburban towns in New Hampshire for big families and what they have to offer.

A cottage in a rural area
There are many small towns that are great for families here


One of the best places to choose is Durham. This suburban area almost has no crime and its crime rate is constantly at the lowest point. In addition, it is listed in the top five for having the best schools. As you are moving with a big family this fact about education is of critical importance. In addition, Durham has a strong economy so finding a job is not a problem. You can easily find a and buy great property. The real estate might be pricy but the offering is rich. When it comes to moving here, you can always consult online resources at to help you out and provide information.


Hanover is right at the top of the best places to live. It is a town that offers great public education. It is home to Daurthnout college which is one of the most prestigious institutions in the US. Furthermore, its elementary and high schools offer high-quality education. This town offers a quiet and peaceful place to live. It is family-friendly, beautiful, and with a bit of a rural feel. However, there is much to do from concerts, plays, movies, and special events the town provides a lot. So, there is a wide variety of things to experience and enjoy here.


The main qualities you can find in Windham are peace and quiet. It is another family-friendly town with many qualities that make it perfect for families. The town is home to many museums and parks that are great for family visits. Although the real estate can be on the pricy side you can easily find just what you need. This town is not too expensive making it great for families. Great education more than makes up for the fact that real estate is pricey.

Main street of one of the suburban towns in New Hampshire for big families
These small towns offer great nature, education, and a slow-paced lifestyle

The town offers a country-like setting that easily draws people in and makes them feel at home. The main gathering spot is the Cobbets pond which is great for fishing, boating, and other activities. Windham is a small and tight-knit community that is very excepting. Moving here is easy and simple. You can always rely on help from skilled neighbors who will assist you. Professional movers here have both the knowledge and experience to make your move easy.


One of the best suburban towns in New Hampshire for big families is certainly Portsmouth. It is also one of the towns that attract millennials, young professionals, and seniors too. It is a place with a great education and top-notch public schools. This is just one of the reasons why it is great for families. At the same time, it’s a great family-friendly location to raise children. The town has a great history and heritage that is interesting to explore. In itself the town is a museum in its own right because you can learn just by walking around, However, the place also has some great museums to learn and explore history from. The town is also open so you can go walking and enjoy bike tours in the area.


if you are looking for a more dynamic atmosphere then Exeter is the place for you. Exeter is one of the most beautiful towns here with a great history and heritage. In addition, it is famous as an academic center. It is well known for the Phillips Exeter Academy. The town is perfect for families due to this great education and a very close-knit community. This is a truly charming and welcoming place where you can settle down with your family. There is a lot to do here. Besides the history to explore this town is close to the beach and the mountains. So, it is suited for a great many activities that you can enjoy. From hiking to kayaking the sky is the limit when it comes to Exeter.

A river in NH
With lots to explore NH towns are great for families and children of all ages


Bedford is small but also beautiful to live in. It is in the middle ground between a big city and suburbia. The town has always something happening and great activities for the whole family. So it is great for families to settle down here, and Bedford-based experts can help you with that. It is also really close to Boston making it easy to make a field trip to this city.

To make a point on New Hampshire

NH stands out as a family-friendly state with plenty of suburban towns in New Hampshire for big families. So, if you are looking for the best place for your family, New Hampshire is the spot for you. Do some research, find a new home, explore the area, and start packing on time. Of a great many towns and suburban areas, you can easily find what suits you the most. Your family will enjoy New Hampshire and all it has to offer.


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