There are various things that are very important before any relocation. And as you are most likely already aware, some of the important decisions that you need to make concern none other but the location. For sure, we all have those places in our minds where we would love to relocate. But it doesn’t just work like that. You need to find the perfect place for your needs. Not everyone has the same ones, so not every city is good for everyone. That is the exact reason why you need to find the best Virginia cities for young families, so your family can settle down in a place they will feel happy. If you have no ideas where you could move to, US Pro Warehouse is here to help you decide.

One of the best Virginia cities for young families is Arlington

Arlington is a city in Virginia that is located in Arlington County. There are 236,434 inhabitants and most of them are young professionals that tend to be liberal. The area feels urban and you can have everything that you need right in front of you. From coffee shops, restaurants, and bars to beautiful parks and some outdoor places. Because the median home value is $731,700 and the median rent is $2,005 most of the residents rent their homes. And this is what we suggest you do as well. Especially in the beginning, when you will have other expenses that you will have to take care of. Also, there are many Arlington movers so it will be easy to transfer your belongings there. Should you decide to move to Arlington, of course.

Since this is a family relocation we are talking about, you need to think about your children and their future. This means that you would probably want your kids to go to good schools. Well, here you will have various options to choose from. There are lots of good schools, both public and private. The best neighborhood for families is for sure Radnor, better called Fort Myer Heights, so make sure you check it out. It is a very safe one, so you won’t have additional things to worry about. It is good to know that diversity is well accepted in Arlington and it is quite easy to find a new job. In plenty of fields.

Family enjoying in one of the best Virginia cities for young families.
Find one of the best Virginia cities for young families so you can enjoy life together.

Roanoke is also great for families

If bigger and urban cities are not something you were looking for, don’t worry. That is not the only type of city we have for you. Another one of the best Virginia cities is Roanoke. This is a city located in Roanoke City county and it has 99,122 inhabitants. Most of them are families and young professionals, which is amazing because this is exactly what you were looking for. So, the area feels dense and suburban and you can find beautiful parks and walking trails, and a kind of urbanized part. In this area, there are mostly restaurants and coffee shops. So there is something for everyone.

Public schools in Roanoke are above average, so you can be sure that your kids can have the education they deserve. It is also important to know that the median home value is $134,900 and the median rent is $804. So, it is more than obvious that there are more owners than renters. Just compare it to the previous city. Also, this city is one of the places with the lowest costs of living, so when it comes to the financial part, you won’t regret choosing Roanoke. It is one of the best locations, you just need to give it a chance.

Williamsburg is also one of the best Virginia cities

Even though this is not a city we are talking about, Williamsburg is definitely worth mentioning. This is a suburb of Newport News and it is located in Williamsburg City County. It is, for sure, one of the best places to live in Virginia. There are 15,034 inhabitants and most of them are young professionals. Public schools are highly rated and you have everything you need nearby. The area feels dense suburban, something similar to Roanoke. And it is good to know that most of the residents are owners due to the price difference between renting and buying. If you like this place, hop on to websites like and schedule your move in advance.

Happy family in the dining room waiting for food.
It doesn’t matter if you rent or buy the house as long as you are all together.

You should check out Norfolk

Another one of the best Virginia cities for young families is Norfolk. This city is located in Norfolk City County and it offers its residents a dense suburban feel. There are 244,300 inhabitants and most of them are families and young professionals. Here, you will also have everything. Places in nature where you can escape for a while from reality and enjoy. And urban parts of the city where life is happening. You are getting closer to a final decision so get all the top tips for planning a family relocation. Because you will need them.

Another one of the best cities for young families in Virginia is Virginia Beach

Since this is the most popular city in Virginia we saved it for the last option. There are 450,882 inhabitants in Virginia Beach and the area feels like a dense suburban on a very thin edge to becoming urban. Many families and young professionals live here, and all the neighborhoods are friendly and safe. Public and private schools are highly rated so there won’t be worries about that. The only con of living here is the cost since this is one of the most expensive cities in Virginia.

Father and daughter at the beach.
Even if it is expensive, you will get to visit the beach every day.

Make this decision together and don’t rush

It is important that you are aware of the importance of this decision. So, make sure that you include your family so you can together find the best Virginia cities for young families. But take your time when you are deciding. There is no need to rush. And you must consider all the options and explore them properly. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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