It is time to refresh your yard and patio? Usually, people are focused on the interior of the house, but the exterior is also important, especially if you are sending a lot of time there. Cleaning and storing your outdoor furniture is not a quick process, and you should separate the entire day (or maybe even more) to get everything done.

Cleaning and storing your outdoor furniture – how to do it?

To clean the outdoor furniture and prepare your things for storage, prepare all the cleaning supplies. Sponges, cloths, cleaning products, brushes, gloves, etc. Furniture should be cleaned when the season starts (before the summer), and when the summer ends. During the winter it should be stored and protected.

Metal patio furniture

Different types of furniture are differently cleaned

Also, if you are moving, you need to prepare the furniture. Outdoor and indoor furniture too. It will help you cut costs when moving from Orlando, and protect all the furniture.

For cleaning, you will need a flat surface without mud. Also, prepare a hose that offers a forceful setting to clean dirt easily.

  • Plastic outdoor furniture – Plastic patio furniture is the easiest type to clean. Just use a sponge, water, and detergent. That’s it. Plastic furniture is easy to maintain and it last longer than other materials.
  • Metal outdoor furniture –  Warm water and dish soap will do the job for stainless steel. With the appropriate, metal furniture can be used ver and over again. Make sure to check the rust before storing it. If there is rust, remove the rust and re-paint the furniture.
  • Wooden outdoor furniture – Mild soap, warm water, and a brush or use a special soap for wood and make sure not to scratch it. 
  • Cushions – Don’t forget to clean all the cushions. They are the dirtiest part of the furniture. To wash it you may use water, washing detergent, and sodium borate. Mix that well and it will wash it deeply.
  • Protect the furniture – For cleaning and storing your outdoor furniture, it is not enough just to wash it and to put it aside. You must protect it. How? Furniture must be COMPLETELY DRY before storing it, and a storage unit should be cleaned too. Cover the furniture with plastic covers and pack it properly. Also, you may find storage solutions for small space problems and indoor furniture too.

Renting a storage unit for outdoor furniture

If you don’t have space where to store outdoor furniture, rent one. If you are moving, or even if you don’t, having a storage unit will keep all the items safe and protected. One of the companies that may offer you storage unit is AAA Insta-Move Orlando.

Storage unit

You must have a clean storage unit where to keep your furniture safe

When cleaning and storing your outdoor furniture, you need to prepare everything, from cleaning supplies, storage space and to ask friends for help if needed. Having a backyard is priceless. Enjoy your morning coffee there or let your kids play. It has many benefits, so keep it clean and organized.


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