Working in a warehouse is not an easy job. There is a lot of lifting so injuries are, unfortunately, common. Work injuries for warehouse employees can be avoided, but if something happens, you should know what to do and how to react, in order to help yourself or your co-worker. On what should you pay attention and what injuries are more common than others?

The list of work injuries for warehouse employees

A warehouse is a big storage unit where companies or individuals are storing goods. To minimize the risk of injuries while working, you should be familiar with those risks and learn how to be safe. Besides the items that are forbidden store in a storage unit because they are dangerous, there are items that are allowed, but still can harm you, so you need special equipment.

Lifting heavy items

Part of the job when working in the warehouse is, lifting. A lot of workers, unfortunately, hurt their back this way. You should know how properly to lif a box and to ask for help if the box is heavy and cannot be lifted by one person. It is one of the most common work injuries for warehouse employees, and if you do hurt your back, do a workout for instant back pain relief. You can do exercises every day for your backs and arms. Don’t put stress on your body, more than it is needed.

Back pain is a one of the work injuries for warehouse employees.

You should do exercise for the entire body, including the ones for your back because – work injuries for warehouse employees often strike your back

Forklift accidents

Forklifts are in every warehouse. They are really helpful and necessary, but also, very dangerous. They can even cause death. Beware when using them for removing, lifting or lowering large and heavy goods. Always keep in mind that a forklift can overturn and crush your co-worker(s) beneath. Workers can be hit with a forklift or run over. 

If you are not confident in driving a forklift, don’t use it, until you learn how. After you are completely sure, then you should drive it inside of a warehouse.

A forklift in a warehouse.

Before you start using a forklift, learn how to drive it right. It is very helpful equipment, but it may be very dangerous too


Falls are common in warehouses and they can be minor or very dangerous. Floors can be wet or uneven. Workers can slip, trip or fall which may cause injuries. Some warehouses have poor lightening, so workers cannot see clearly. There are many reasons for falls. Proper equipment, such as special footwear may minimize the risk of falling. Pallets and other items can fall too. It is material damage, but it may hurt a worker too. Even the smallest fall can hurt your career, that’s why you should take them seriously.

A sign for risk of falling.

You must have proper shoes for working in a warehouse to avoid slipping

Breathing chemicals

In some warehouses, there are chemicals that are not healthy. Breathing them is not good for lungs especially touching them without proper equipment such as gloves and face masks. Chemicals can spill out and sometimes there are minor leaks, but in the long run, they are very dangerous for humans. Warehouses must have a good ventilation system and people that are working with chemicals need to be trained before starting a job.


Being hit by objects that are falling down or being hit by other things is common in warehouses. Workers are always moving around, and goods are on shelves, so there are big chances something will fall. Be careful and organized in the warehouse. If you are having a busy day at work, separate jobs and don’t make a crowd in one place. Work injuries for warehouse employees are often made by human error and disorganization.

Accidents on machines

If there are machines in the warehouse, don’t use them unless you know how to use them. It is one of the most dangerous injuries because you can lose your arm or even worst. If working in a huge factory with many different machines, you must be completely sure and confident. All your focus must be there. You must be well-trained first by more experienced people there, and then after a couple of weeks, you can start using big and dangerous machines.

Injured fingers to illustrate work injuries for warehouse employees

Machines are very dangerous, you can cut yourself or even have the worst injuries when not using them right

Stay in shape

For lifting and carrying heavy boxes you must be in good shape and to be fit and healthy. It is the best protection. Workout, be active, do an expert-approved cardio workout, and working in the warehouse will be easier for you.

Even if you don’t work there, every human being should have an active life. It is half of our health, the second half is healthy food. Sport is an excellent way to relieve the stress out of our body, so after a hard and stressful day at work, we need to have something just for our body.

It is important to be safe and at the same time, to do the job properly. Many warehouses need to save storage space, so they put boxes on each other. Don’t lift a lot of boxes when you do have a vehicle to do it for you. Be in shape, but don’t use all your strength and save yourself.


Inspect a storage unit and know what you can do alone and for what tasks you need help from your co-workers. It is hard work for strong people, and you always need to beware of risks.

After a while, you will get experience and risks will be minimized. Work injuries for warehouse employees can be very serious. If something happens, you should immediately call professional help. As an employer in the warehouse, you should have the right insurance, just in case.


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