Do you have items stored in a warehouse? A lot of individuals and companies rent additional space to store their items, and they are safe there. But, on the items hand, some small animals may come inside and damage your items. We know how to deal with rodent infestation in a warehouse and to prevent these types of damages.

Tips to deal with rodent infestation in a warehouse

When the cold day comes, unfortunately, rodents are there too, and that gives business owners a headache, and rodents may damage and infect goods. Rodents are looking for a place to live while it is cold outside and your warehouse is a perfect shelter for them. Checking for mice or rats is part of the business just like organizing a warehouse, so invest money and time.

Deal with rodent infestation in a warehouse.

Your items must be safe and the hygiene must be at the highest level

Steps to take to prevent rodents

Here are some steps to take in order to prevent rodents so you don’t have to deal with them:

  • Seal up the building and eliminate every possible entry, even the smallest hole can be a door for a mouse. Do this step as soon as possible. It is one of the things to know when renting a storage unit, you must expect the entire storage space. If there are no holes, there is less possibility to deal with rodent infestation in a warehouse.
  • If you are storing food, rodents will come first, unfortunately. So, split food storage up into sections, so if one sector is infested, you don’t need to throw up all your goods. Just food where the rodents were.
  • Occasionally move items in your warehouse and make sure everything is clean and there are no signs of rodents.
  • Again, if you are working with food, make sure that food that comes first, go out first too. Timing is very important, not only for rodents but for other types of damages such as mold.

Rodent extermination in a warehouse

What to do if you spot a rodent in your warehouse? Make a system where all sightings can be reported so you will be able to work fast. Start with removing old pallets, old equipment, and rubbish as well as removing all water sources. Rats cannot survive without water (one day without water and they won’t be there).

A mouse.

If you notice that you have problems with rodents in a warehouse, act fast

Also, you can use chemicals and traps to eliminate rodents, but you will need to be patient. Make a map where to put traps and think about unexpected areas too, such as ducts, rafters, and roofing. There are many companies that can help you deal with rodent infestation in a warehouse fast. If you are working in the food industry, you must be cautious and have a consistent system of monitoring as well.


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