Moving is not easy, even if you hire professional moving assistance. You should know how to choose a mover and how to check if the company is reliable. What is something goes wrong with a moving company, what to do then? Dealing with fraudulent moving companies is not pleasant but, in order to be prepared, here are some tips to know.

Prevention is the first step

To have a stressful and successful relocation with a moving company, you should hire the best one. To prevent yourself and your items from fraudsters, check the moving company twice and follow these steps to avoid fraudulent movers:

  • Ask for documentation and a license for relocation
  • Define all the detail in the moving contract
  • Check the company’s insurance
  • Ask for an in-home moving estimate (a couple of companies)
  • Read online moving reviews
  • Don’t pay a deposit
  • Request a written agreement so you will have a proof
  • Check everything twice when dealing with fraudulent moving companies
  • Ask a lot of questions not only about license and insurance
  • Compare different moving companies in your area
Dealing with fraudulent moving companies and reading documents.

Check all documents, insurance, and permits before you sign up the moving contract

Dealing with fraudulent moving companies after being scammed

Unfortunately, some people are victims of moving fraudsters. What to do in that case and how to solve a problem? If you will find the right moving assistance, then you won’t be in this situation, but if you choose the wrong movers, anything may happen. Some of the scams are:

  • Stolen items.
  • Paying too much money for the service.
  • Damaged items during transportation and having no insurance to cover it.
  • Price increase after the relocation.
  • Invented charges and hidden fees.
Fraud alert on the PC.

Bad things happen during transportation, so what to do in that case, where to report problems with moving and moving fraudsters?

Write a moving review

Leave a review on Yelp and other websites about the moving service and rate the moving company. Be honest and write what went wrong and why you are not satisfied. Leaving moving feedback will help other people not to get scammed.

Contact FMCSA

If you were being scammed, after all, you need to report it. But, where. One of the places where you can report moving scammers and send a written complaint is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Here, you can also check the company’s license before hiring a mover (it is essential).

They will handle scammers for you. If one moving company from the USA has a lot of complaints, this agency will go after them.

Contact BBB

Contact the Better Business Bureau when dealing with fraudulent moving companies. FMCSA is not the only government agency here you can do it – for better results, report the moving company to both agencies. BBB will help you deal with movers and solve the problem you had with them. Keep in mind that you won’t help you only yourself, but also, you will help other people that are moving and searching for a moving company.


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