People have been using terms storage and warehousing as synonyms for a long time. However, their meanings aren’t exactly the same! In everyday speech, it’s easy to figure out which of these two the speaker is talking about. It is only when we’re in need of storage and warehousing services that we realize we’re not quite certain of the difference. Well, this is why we’ve created this useful guide! We’re going to tell you about the difference between storage and warehousing, as well as help you decide which one you might need!


Storage is a much wider term than warehousing. And this is only the first difference. Storage can be in your car, in your attic, on your phone or microSD memory card. It can be even in your backpack. As a much wider term, it has many meanings some of which even cover warehousing. Apart from this, one of the biggest difference between storage and warehousing is that storage is better for personal use. For example, if you’re moving to NYC, and you have too many boxes to fit into your small NYC apartment, you’ll need a storage unit. Luckily, most movers in NYC can provide you with storage services, so you’ll be able to get them with ease.

It's necessary to know the difference between storage and warehousing before getting one of these units.

One of the most common reasons why people get storages is the fact that they make a great additional space when remodeling.


Warehousing is a type of storage, but it is not the same as it! One of the key differences is the difference in size. Warehouses are generally much bigger than other storage solutions. These buildings have high ceilings and usually only one giant room. This size enables warehouses to be fully or partially automated and this is why most huge companies and factories decide to use them.

Apart from storing loads of your products in a warehouse, you can keep loads of raw materials you use in production in these buildings. Using a warehouse will enable you to have resources to make your product and finished products in one place. This type of storage is the best option for large companies, but not for individuals.

The inside of a warehouse.

Warehouses are a great option for storing products both for small and big companies.

The crucial difference between Storage and Warehousing

There are some major differences between storage facilities and warehouses. However, we’ll focus on the ones that will help you determine whether you need warehousing or a storage solution. 

  • The design. Warehouses are bigger and can handle much greater loads of items. Storage facilities generally consist of many smaller units of various sizes.
  • Purpose. The purpose of warehouses is generally industrial. On the other hand, storage units can be used by individuals and businesses.
  • Focus. One difference between storage and warehousing is that warehousing has a more practical approach, while storage units focus on providing comfort to the end user. So, If you’re looking to enhance the storage potential of your NYC apartment, you’ll need Divine Moving and Storage NYC services, not warehousing!
  • Age. finally, warehousing exists since ancient times, while storage units and facilities are a somewhat newer invention. This shows that a new need has arisen on the market – a need for additional space!

As you can see, the difference between storage and warehousing is not a small one. No matter how synonymous they are in modern English these two units aren’t the same. Now that you know the difference you can find the perfect storage solution for your needs. Make sure you take everything into account and decide to go with the option that suits you the most.


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