New Jersey is one of the most beautiful states on the East Coast. It has many beautiful and rich cities, and the standard of living is pretty high. This is why many people want to move to New Jersey. But moving requires a lot of preparation, and if you want to move to New Jersey, you have to have a storage solution for your stuff. In this article you are going to read about everything you need to know about storing your items in NJ. This is the question we are going to tackle, so without further ado, let’s begin!

You have to have a place for storing your items in NJ

Moving requires the help of a moving company. No long-distance moving can be done without the help of a professional and reliable moving company. This is also true when you are moving to New Jersey. What is also true is the need for storage when you are moving to New Jersey. There are many storage solutions in New Jersey, but none is better than Van Express Movers NJ. They also double as a moving company. This means that with one phone call you can have best of both world – you can have both a professional moving company on your side, and a storage solution. So, do a right thing and give them a call. You will not regret this decision.

Storage warehouse.

Moving to NJ is unimaginable without the storage.

Storing your items in NJ – How to properly pack for storage

There are many ways in which one can pack for storage. It depends on what you have with you. If you have heavy items it best to have custom-made crates. When moving, keeping your items in a safe unit for some time is a must. So, in this part of an article, we’re going to explore how you can properly pack for storage in New Jersey.

Gather some materials

Before you start your packing process, you need to buy some materials first. You’ll need to have two types of materials. The first type are protective materials. So, what kind of protective materials do you need. Well, as mentioned earlier, you’ll need to have crates for your larger items. Even better if you can have your crates custom-made, since they will fit perfectly for your stuff. If you’re a crafty kind of guy, you can even make your own crates. Simply, measure the dimensions of an item you are trying to protect, get some planks and nails, and craft your own custom-made crate. Or you can take those dimensions to carpenter. But that is kind of expensive. Search the internet for different kinds of crates. Some moving companies even have their own crates. Ask your movers if they have the right kinds of crates for you.

Storing your items in NJ in those crates.

Your movers or storage company can have some kind of wooden crates for you.

Gathering other materials is much, much easier. You can get most of them in a nearest supermarket, so be sure to check that. You will need: some plastic protection in the sense of plastic beans (this is for you fragile and special items, like glassware), plastic wrap, sticky tape, sticky notes, some markers, boxes or bins, and large plastic bags.

Don’t bring everything you own with you

Storage space is limited, and storage space costs. This is why it is not smart to bring everything you own with you to a storage unit. Also, you don’t want to bring all of your clutter with you to a new location. So, be sure to declutter before you rent a storage space, and hire a moving company. Relocation is the perfect moment for decluttering.

What can you do with your clutter

There are many reasons why people keep their clutter at home. Most people simply don’t care for clutter. People usually have a spare room in which they keep their clutter. Basement is the usual victim of clutter. Some people are to emotionally attached to clutter, many of them thinking that this clutter will be useful some day. This is a classic mistake. Be ruthless with your stuff, clutter is more trouble than worth. Leave it behind.

You can sell your stuff and get some money for storage

So, how to get rid of clutter? Well, you need to separate clutter from the useful stuff. Take this pile of clutter, and separate it in three distinct groups. The first group is for the stuff which you are going to sell. You can always organize a backyard sale, or you can simply sell your stuff through the internet. There are many websites from which you can sell second-hand items. And believe us, there are buyers. That way you can even make some money for your relocation.


The second group, or pile, is for the donation. Donation is a very humane act of giving, and people should practice it more often. Why not help some poor soul in need. After all some of us are more lucky than others. There are many donation centers in New Jersey, and trust us, all of them are in need of clothes and toys. So, do a right thing and donate the clothes that you don’t need anymore.

Be ruthless

The third group is for trash. Many people consider their trash to be valuable, so they hoard their stuff. Relocation of those things can be very expensive, since it is a heavy pile of nothing. Don’t get attached to trash, and be ruthless with it.

Junkyard car.

If you don’t throw away your trash, storing your items in NJ can get expensive.

But, be aware. Many storage companies don’t want to keep chemicals in their storage facilities, and many moving companies don’t want to move them, so you better get rid of those stuff. If you want to save your cleaning products, it is better to have them in your car with you. But, you cannot dispose of them by simply throwing them in a bin. You have to dispose of them in an legal and eco-friendly way. Contact your local government to see how can you dispose of your chemicals safely.

Have a nice relocation and good luck with storing your items in NJ!


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