Buying rural property is a dream many residents of Illinois have. People from large urban areas like Aurora and Chicago seem more interested than ever in buying such a property in their own state. Illinois’ countryside is among the most hospitable in the US’ north, as it has many villages and places that are fantastic for anyone who wants to experience what it means to live an easy life away from the hectic atmospheres of cities. But, there are a few things you need to know about Illinois’ countryside and buying a rural estate in Illinois. Last time we explored how you can buy a rural property in Kentucky, and today we are going to turn our attention to buying a rural property in Illinois!

Make sure to know the market

Like with any property transaction anywhere, you need to know the state of the market. This also, means that you have to know where people a currently moving to. Even though the market is currently stable, that doesn’t mean that the prices won’t fluctuate in the future. Who knows, maybe rural property prices are going to go up, or maybe the opposite will be the case. This is why it is important to get yourself familiar with the real estate of Illinois.

However, no one knows everything, and if you struggle with predicting the prices of homes in Illinois’ countryside, you might want to hire an expert. There are more than a few fantastic real estate agents in Illinois, and you should consult them if you plan on buying a rural property in Illinois.

Graphan, hand, and a pen.

Before you buy a rural property in Illinois, you need to familiarize yourself with the current state of the housing market.

Budget carefully

Also, it would be best if you could calculate how much money you’ll need for a property you are eying, and how much money you’ll need for the moving process. And again, thankfully, there are more than a few great moving companies in the state who are able to move their customers’ stuff to the countryside. Those companies have their own moving calculators, so make sure to use those resources when you are calculating moving estimates. s common

One of the biggest ‘culture shocks’ people from cities have when moving to the countryside is realizing that some of the common amenities and infrastructures are not there. For example, not every building has city water, cable television, or internet.

If you plan to live in rural Illinois, and if you cannot live with some of them, you might want to consider upgrading your newly bought property or finding a new one. Some people in the countryside don’t even use the internet or television at all.

Agricultural property tax relief

Almost every state in the US has an agricultural property tax relief, and Illinois is not the exception. However the state’s agricultural taxes can be complicated, so you might want to inform yourself about them. However, tax reliefs exist, and they are quite generous. This is especially true for Illinois, as Illinois is one of the statutes with the highest property taxes. So, it is no wonder why experts from are telling us that more and more people are moving from cities to the countryside in the state.

Taxes on money.

High taxes in cities are one of the reasons are opting for a rural property in Illinois.

What are some interesting rural places in Illinois?

Illinois on its own is one of the most overlooked states in the US. Sure, there is Chicago, but Illinois has a lot more to offer than The City.

People today are starting to realize just how good Illinois’ rural area can be, and it is no wonder why new moving businesses are starting to operate in those parts of the state. So, what are some of the most interesting villages and other places in rural Illinois?

Buying a rural property in Illinois away from Chicago.

There is a lot more to Illinois than its large cities.

Morton Grove

Morton Grove is definitely one of those places that are going to grow significantly in the near future. Even though it still is a village by name, it has a population of over 23 thousand residents. If it’s a village, it certainly is a big one.

If you plan to move to this magnificent place, you should know that skillful teams are available in Morton Grove. It is best to find a moving company that knows the area. There is nothing better than buying a rural property in Illinois and then moving with professionals who know what they are doing, to a place like Morton Grove. 


Even though Woodstock is similar in size to Morton Grove, it is a city. However, if we have included Morton Grove in our list, we find it fine to include Woodstock in this list, as it deserves more love than it has. Directors of the movie Groundhound Day also thought so, as they filmed the movie in this city. Of course, you won’t have a property relief tax in Woodstock, but it is a nice little city that deserves more attention than it currently has.


Dixon in Lee County is famous for being the birthplace of Ronald Reagan. This small town is downright delightful, and you will be missing a lot if you skip it on your journey for searching for a small and nice place in rural Illinois.

It has a lot to offer, from small art galleries to theaters, so if you like art, at least give it a visit. If you are an artist yourself, you might want to even live in this adorable place. Just make sure to hire the right art movers for the job.

All in all, there are countless charming places in rural Illinois. Of course, we cannot write about all of them, but you should know that there are a lot of hidden gems in the state that even we are not aware of. Make sure to search thoroughly for them, ask people who lived there, and prepare yourself for calm and relaxing life after buying a rural property in Illinois!



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