It is easy to select a storage facility. It’s a little trickier to pick the correct storage facility. Because there are so many fantastic facilities to choose from, you’ll need a strategy to assist you to narrow down the field. Storage is in high demand, and storage suppliers are working hard to supply that need. That is why our experts from US Pro Warehouse prepared this guide to find the best storage in Clermont area!

Know what you need

Consider what will you be storing and how long you want to keep it in storage. You should also consider whether you need a storage unit or a storage warehouse. With so many options, finding what you want should be simple if you know precisely what you need. You should create an inventory list and plan what will you need easy access to. After you plan everything out, you should calculate the overall area that you will need to fit everything. When calculating the area, don’t forget to add some extra space for walking and ventilation.

Storage units with blue doors
Knowing what you need before renting a storage unit is crucial!

If you just moved and don’t need to store your things long-term you shouldn’t stress too much. It’s OK to pack things close together when keeping stuff for a short period of time. You can even ask neighbors to help you move everything into your apartment and that way you will be able to easily sort what needs to go to storage and what will stay with you. If you’re keeping for a longer period of time, make sure there’s enough room for ventilation and an aisle so you can easily access items you’ll need on a regular basis. Consider arranging everything for easier access.

Climate-controlled units

Storage in Clermont area with red doors
If you are storing wood or anything for a longer period you should consider a climate-controlled storage unit.

Climate-controlled facilities maintain a set temperature and humidity level. This is subject to the environment in where you’re storing your belongings. Dry weather, for example, can allow the wood to crack and splinter, while humid climates can lead to mold and mildew. Since you are looking for the best storage in Clermont area, the climate will be on the humid side. Take the time to investigate your options based on the worth of your stuff and the unit’s price. Climate-controlled units are more expensive up front, but they pay off in the long run.


How frequently will you have to go to your storage facility? A handy location is essential if you’ll require access frequently. However, keep in mind that a facility in the city center would cost more than one outside the city. If you don’t require immediate access to your belongings, a facility outside of the city will be less expensive. If you get a storage unit far away from your house, you might need to hire a mover like to help you transfer your things.

In conclusion

Many things need to be accounted for when searching for the best storage in Clermont area, but after reading our guide you should be set. By following our simple guidelines you will for sure be able to easily find a storage unit that fits your needs!


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