You are changing where you are conducting your business and need help setting up. Moving is a turning point in your company. You have to execute it correctly and without significant losses. To get your warehouse up and running, you will need a reliable moving company. A moving company that will help you move while you are still conducting some of your warehouse tasks. Your warehouse move will go fast if you follow our guide to relocating your warehouse space from Ottawa to the US.

​The first tip in our guide to relocating your warehouse space from Ottawa to the US is to communicate with your employees

When relocating a warehouse, the transport of goods does not just stop it has to continue. So if you are planning to move to America, you will have to break the news to your employees and make arrangements with them. Make sure that they will have to do some extra work until you move your warehouse space to keep the warehouse running, not at full force, but some goods still need to be shipped. Communicating with your worker will prevent them from feeling stressed because the move will not be a surprise. If your employees are happy, you will have the best warehouse.

people around table
Communicate to avoid stressing out your employees

​Tell your clients about the move

When you have notified your workers about the move and the extra work they might have to do, it is time to reach out to your clientele. Your clients should know that your warehouse won’t be at 100% and that you might not be able to handle all of their goods. Having a reasonable discussion will prevent you from losing any of your clients. In addition, they will respect you for your forethought.

​The third tip in our guide to relocating your warehouse space from Ottawa to the US is to organize it

Warehouses are generally well-managed, and every good is accounted for. Because if it is not, you stand to lose a lot of money. Now is the time to use your inventory to save money on relocation. Check your inventory thoroughly, and look for items that are not selling or are not wanted by your customers. Get rid of all the stock that is not desired and organize the rest. When this is completed, you can consider hiring movers that will help you relocate your warehouse to the US.

​How to find the right movers

You won’t be able to move a warehouse on your own that is why you need to hire movers that will execute the job for you. Let’s get into tips on how to find the best relocation company:

  • The first thing our guide to relocating your warehouse space from Ottawa to the US recommends is that you find a decent price for the service. Because this is a big job, and you will have to spend a lot of money on it. Your best bet is to research the cost of warehouse relocation before hiring.
  • The second thing you need to do is scout out as different movers as you can. Scouting movers means reading reviews, asking for a recommendation, getting estimates, and finally talking to them/conducting an interview.
  • The final thing that you need to do is make sure if the movers you decide to hire are communicating with you. Communication will be crucial because you are going to be conducting business even though you are relocating. You can not stop because there is a lot of stock that needs to be dealt with. Because of that, there might be a change of plans, so you need to find movers who are willing to communicate and understand the complexities of running a warehouse.
movers loading a truck
Our guide to relocating your warehouse space from Ottawa to the US recommends pondering on which movers to hire

​The fifth tip in our guide to relocating your warehouse space from Ottawa to the US is to consider the size of your new warehouse

How will you decide on the size of your warehouse? There are many factors in play. If you are moving your warehouse to America because you are planning on expanding your business, you will need to plan. Ponder on how much your business will increase and make sure to get a bigger building than you had in Ottawa.

However, if you are downsizing, you will need to get a smaller building. But no matter what your situation is, make sure to think carefully about it. Because if you mess up the size of your warehouse, it will cost you a lot of money.

​Deciding on a location

The location of your warehouse in the US can make or break your business. Before you decide where you are moving your warehouse, think about all the parts of your business that can be affected by a wrongly placed warehouse building.

If you are looking to find new clients, your best bet is the bigger cities in the US. There are more people there and more businesses looking for a warehouse. You will be able to expand your business and start earning more money.

a man thinking
Think before picking a location

However, if you are not thinking of expanding but looking for a more strategic location. A well-placed warehouse can save a lot of money on shipping and building costs. Because you might have clients mostly from one state in America, and you want to be close so that you can get their shipments faster. In addition, that state might have better prices on real estate. When you choose a location can move you. They will meet all of your relocation need and relocate your warehouse space to the US hassle-free.


This is the end of our guide to relocating your warehouse space from Ottawa to the US. Moving your warehouse to America will open many new possibilities. Good luck with your relocation!


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