Art is, we will agree, something that gives life that special stamp. Whether you engage in it or just observe, listen or experience it, it will surely awaken a whole series of beautiful emotions in you. One of them certainly pervades our daily lives. Music and practicing it is a way of expressing emotions through art. Owning an instrument is a privilege but also an obligation when there are moments such as moving or downsizing. In that case, it could be necessary to move them to a safe place. When storing musical instruments you need to know how to properly do it.

You need a safe and customized place when storing musical instruments

There can be many reasons for putting away musical instruments. Even if the reason is that you need more space or you don’t play anymore, so you want to quickly put the instrument in the garage, don’t. You yourself know that when objects are made of special materials, they need special treatment. Because of that, renting storage is the best option but depending on the material that is made of, musical instruments are stored and kept in a different way. We can sort them into :

  • Wood made instruments
  • Brass instruments
  • Modern materials

Each material requires different treatment and conditions in the warehouse, so in addition to having video surveillance for security, you should also insist on these conditions.

Wood requires special treatment

Musical instruments made of wood, or mostly made of wood, should be stored in rooms where the humidity is controlled. For this purpose, we can insist on quality air conditioners or humidifiers to prevent the wood from warping. We can also increase the level of protection of our instruments by placing them in polyurethane bags. Before storing musical instruments for a long period of time, we should disassemble the parts that are easily separated, clean them thoroughly, and put them away for safekeeping. When cleaning and polishing the wood, avoid alcohol-based products, as they can lead to accelerated drying of the wood and therefore cause the wood to bend and therefore deteriorate the instrument.

Violins before storing musical instruments

You will need special conditions

Moisture can destroy brass

Storing brass instruments does not require so much investment in the special conditions of the storage, but it is preferable that such a room is not damp or that there is no moisture. Before storing musical instruments of brass, it is necessary to clean them extremely well. Dissolve and put away the pen if the instrument has one separately. If you are not in a hurry, leave the instrument for a day or two to dry nicely after cleaning. As much as moisture is the friend of wooden instruments, it is the enemy of brass instruments. We can apply the principle of cleaning wooden instruments, if you do not have a specialized cleaning agent, use only a cloth and water. Kitchen cleaners can severely corrode the brass and thus ruin the instrument.

A trumphete.

Pack them and store them safely.

Built Differently

Plastic is often used in the manufacture of instruments. For example, most electrical instruments use some type of plastic. Unlike the others, storing musical instruments made from plastic is much easier. You can even store them safely in your home storage or garage. It would be good to keep them in their original packaging. These instruments do not require special storage conditions, but keep them away from moisture and occasionally wipe the dust.

Instrument storage requires a bit of effort and organization. This is necessary if you want your instruments to be, first of all, safe and to preserve them in perfect condition.


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