Every one of us has an elderly loving one. No matter whether those are our parents, our grandparents, some relatives, or just a nice and kind old neighbor, one thing is true – we always give our best to make their lives happy and fulfilled. Because, even if they don’t need our help, they will always need our support and our love. And that is the key point. We have to live and to take care of each other. Now, at a certain point, many elderly people make a decision to move to the countryside. And that’s not strange at all. The peacefulness and the freshness that the countryside life offers to them is irreplaceable. And we need to assist them to reach their goal. But, if you feel like you are caught off guard in this situation, let us help you. Here are some useful tips and tricks on helping your elderly parent move to the countryside.

Stay together

Do you think that moving house done with ease is possible? Well, yes, it is possible for sure. However, leaving home is an emotional topic for everyone. Especially for elderly people. And no matter whether they make that decision all by themselves, or they are forced to do that for some other reason, the emotion will probably be the same. It is not simple to leave your whole life behind and to move to some other place. It’s just not easy to meet the coming change. So, we, the ones that they love the most, must give our best to aid them. Helping your elderly parent move to the countryside will provide you with peace of mind knowing that they are safe.

There are a young woman and an elderly man sitting. The man is holding a small ball in his hand, and the woman is holding the man's hand as a symbol of helping your elderly parent move to the countryside.
Let them know that you will take care of everything for them.

Have a small talk with your parent before the countryside move

The first reasonable step would be to have a talk. Make a family meeting. Involve all those important family members who may give a hand in the process. Discuss the crucial questions. Talk about the place they want to move to. Consider all the aspects of transportation. Think about hiring some professional moving crews trained to help seniors in these situations. But most importantly listen to what your parents have to say. Understand their wishes, assure them that they should not worry about anything. Convince them that you will take care of it all.

Enter the world of planning

Planning is the perfect way to ease the whole situation a bit. It is natural that your elderly parents will be nervous and worried about every single detail. But once you start talking about it, and creating the big plans, all those emotions may easily turn into euphoria. So, before making a great step forward and hiring a responsible moving service like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, converse about the new home your parents are going to have.

Be creative and give your aged parent a hand when relocating to the countryside

Let them dream about the countryside house. Decide together about the furniture you’ll need. Choose the colors of the walls. Help them decide what things they want to bring with them from their old home. Make all the necessary measuring. Even touch the point of decoration. Just keep in mind that this can be useful on many levels. It is not only that you will make some things clear and bring important decisions on time. What’s even more important is the psychological effect of that all. By doing this you will help your elderly parent to relocate to the countryside with a sense of expectation. You will encourage them to think about it as a new adventure and to get rid of the negative emotions.

In a room, next to a window there is a beige armchair, a white coffee table, and a black and white lamp.
Assist them while making a perfect countryside home for themselves.

The care they’ll need

Naturally, as your parents get older, they need more care. It is important to understand that their needs have changed. That means that the whole countryside relocation process is a bit more challenging for them than we may think. Therefore, don’t forget to:

  • Consult some professionals about the health conditions of your elderly parent
  • Organize a special medical transport if your parent needs some particular treatment during the relocation
  • If possible, arrange fast and easy traveling for your loving parent to the desired destination. Flying is the best option, especially nonstop, or one-stop flying but without changing the plane.
There is an elderly man walking with a backpack and two walking sticks.
The medical condition of your parent is a very important issue to consider before you start the relocation.

A helping hand of a professional

Finding good moving assistance is one of the best decisions a person can make in the process of relocation. And if you are about to move your aged parents to the countryside, this kind of help is even more useful. What’s more, it is good to know that nowadays there are many moving companies that offer specially trained professionals for old people moving.


However, it is true that sometimes long distance medical transportation may cost a lot. Therefore you should be financially prepared. But, the good thing is that it is always possible to find the one that will satisfy all your requirements, and still be affordable enough. What you actually need is good research. So, do not rush. Just start on time and find the best.

An additional tip when helping your elderly parent move to the countryside

If you are moving your elderly parent to the countryside, and by doing it you are in fact going outside of the state, there is one more thing to consider. Double-check on whether the relocation to another country will affect their legal documents, pension benefits or health insurance. Consult a lawyer. Visit some authorities. This may not take long, but it’s always good to know.

Every family is different. And family member relationships, therefore, differ from case to case. But if you do have some loving elderly people nearby, you surely want the best for them. So, if relocation to the countryside is their next step, why shouldn’t you help them the best you can? Check out again the tips we are offering here, and make your perfect moving strategy. Just stay positive and patient. In the end, it can’t be that difficult.


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