Moving all your household items to a new address is a complex process for sure. Many people find a new home after the move, not before. That is okay, but where to put the furniture? Temporary storage is one of the best options. The only disadvantage is – the cost of renting it. Luckily, that problem can be solved because you can find an affordable storage unit when on the move and save money.

There are a lot of benefits to renting storage when moving. Your stuff will be in a safe place and you won’t worry about it. After all, where to put all the items? The storage may be the only solution you have right now. Keep your items safe and save money at the same time.

Outdoor storage units.

To keep your household items safe, one of the best options is to rent a storage unit.

Tips to find affordable storage unit when on the move

Money is a big factor when moving. Almost every person wants to try ways to cut moving costs and spend it on other things such as bills for utilities, transportation, new house, etc. Costs of renting a storage unit depend on:

  • Location plays a big role when looking for an affordable storage unit when on the move
  • How long your items will be stored inside
  • Size of a storage unit also depends on the price
  • What is the level of service
  • Buying bins and storage boxes will increase costs
  • If you have special large items to store, such as a boat, that will be an additional cost
  • Hiring professional assistance for packing and unpacking storage unit
  • Insurance costs
  • Special requirements such as climate-control
A piggy bank.

In order to cut moving costs and the costs of renting a storage unit, use simple saving tricks.

Choose the right size

One of the main factors that affect the costs of renting a storage facility is the size. The bigger the space – the more expensive it will be. So, before you choose storage to rent during moving, calculate how many items you have. Storages comes in different sizes – 5″ x 5″, 5″ x 10″, 5′ x 12, 10″ x 10″, etc. If you rent a bigger space than you really need, you will just lose money. Choosing the correct size is essential so don’t overestimate your items. Declutter before you move, as that is one of the ways to have fewer items.

Location is important

If the storage is far away from the city center or a busy and popular area, it will be much cheaper. After all, you are moving, so you only need temporary storage, and the location is not the most important factor in this case for you. Also, if the storage is located on the 2nd floor, it will be less expensive. Keep in mind that you will need storage for a short period of time.

A ruler.

Measure the storage, know how many items you have, and pick the right location.

Find better insurance options

Shop around for insurance and look for better deals. Storage companies will offer insurance options to you because it is required to ensure your items during your rental period (no matter how long you want to use the storage unit). Before you sign the agreement and pay for the insurance, ask other insurance companies for advice or better deals and prices. You never know what may happen, so better be safe than sorry. The coverage is not that expensive, but if you want to save every penny, do research.

Ask about rate increases

Rent probably won’t be the same each month. Some storages will increase their prices for 3 or 4 dollars, but that is not always the case. To be sure about the price, ask what were the prices in the past and whether they are going to be the same for the next month too.

Renting a storage unit during moving is a temporary solution in most cases, so many people are renting it for a couple of weeks. If this is the case for you, don’t worry about increases.

Don’t pay for unnecessary features

The storage company will offer you different services – it is their job. From packing assistance to climate-controlled spaces. You should get the most out of your storage unit, and to have an affordable storage unit when on the move, don’t spend extra money on unnecessary features. Additional services that will cost more are 24/7 security, air condition, gated access, special locks, etc. For moving, you will probably need the basic storage unit (not upgraded). 

Compare different storage companies

Don’t hire the first company you find. Choose a couple of storage companies and compare them. Compare their services and, of course, their prices. It is the same as when you are hiring a moving company. To get the Best Cross Country Movers you should do research. To have the best storage and the best price, you should do research too.

Find an affordable moving company too

Beside finding an affordable storage unit when moving, in order to save more money, find an affordable moving company too. You will definitely need assistance with relocation from Atlanta, for example, but hiring professionals doesn’t have to be that expensive. 

There are many different movers in the US that you may hire. Do research, negotiate, check the company, get the best deal. It is also a great way to cut moving expenses. If you are moving long-distance or preparing for moving abroad having a mover on your side is essential. Most of the time, it costs a lot. With some tricks, however, it won’t.


Now when you know how to find an affordable storage unit when on the move and how to cut moving costs, relocation should be a little bit easier and more stress-free. The storage facility may help a lot, but only if you choose right. Set your moving budget and know the costs in advance, at least the average costs. Good luck with your next relocation!


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