Are your parents living in a big home, or they live on the third floor of a building (or higher)? You should help your elderly pared move for retirement to a more practical home or to retiring home. They cannot pack items without help, especially not lift large or heavy items. If it is winter and it is snowing, it can be more dangerous for them to hurt their back, leg or hip on the ice.

Discuss the relocation

Talk about moving and suggest it, but try not to hurt their feelings. Getting old is not easy and some people do not want help. Also, they refuse to admit they cannot function alone. When to have the talk about relocation with your elderly parents? If they have difficulties when

  • Eating
  • Bathing and going to the bathroom
  • Getting dressed
  • Standing and sitting

Also, if the house is too big for them and it is messy. You moved out, so they do not need a big space.

A retirement street sign.

It is time for your parents to retire? Help your elderly parents move for retirement and change their lives

Where to move – what options your parents have?

What options your parents have when it comes to moving, where to move? Some of the potential places for them are:

  • Nursing homes – this way you won’t worry if they take medicine, or they are hungry, etc. It is also a good solution for them too. Everything will on time, eating, sleeping, taking medicine, doing some activities, and they will have professional help with that. To help your elderly parents move for retirement, you should better leave that to professionals.
  • Retirement communities –  If your parents are independent, and they can do everyday tasks by yourself, retirement communities are a great option. This way your parents will be active and they will relax and enjoy their golden years. Retirement communities in Florida are awesome, so do research and find the best one.
  • Assisted living – This is not the same as nursing homes, because assisted living is not that intense. This may be an option if your parents can do some of the everyday tasks by themselves. But, at the same time, they will have someone to help them when needed. To cook meals, help them a bath, etc.
Hands of an elderly person holding a stick.

If your parents can do everyday simple tasks alone, then they need a nurse with them 24/7

The best places for retirees in the USA

They should move to affordable and safe places where they will have friends their age. Also, access to medical facilities should be easy.

  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Carlsbad, California
  • Cape Coral, Florida
  • Hilo, Hawaii
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • Portland, Maine
  • Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan

Help in moving your elderly parents to LV, Miami, Chicago, no matter where you together decide.

Tips to help your elderly parents move for retirement

There is a lot of work before and after moving too. Your help is essential here. you should be there not only for packing but also, to be their support and to spend time together as a family. Help your elderly parents move for retirement to choose a moving company, to choose a new place, to pack, etc.

An older couple to illustrate elderly parents move for retirement

Retirement is time to relax and enjoy, so make sure your parents will have stress-free life after all those years working and raising kids

Sort and organize

They cannot pack without help, so this will be your responsibility. First, sort and purge, ask them what they want to keep and move, and what should go to the garbage. If they are moving to a nursery home, then they cannot move too many items. Even if they are moving to another house, it will be probably smaller than the current one. If you don’t have time to pack and organize their items, you can hire professionals. They know how senior relocation made simple is easy and they have experience.

Research moving companies

How to relocate their items to a new home? How to be sure they will avoid fraudulent movers who want to scam them? Do research instead of your parents online and get some recommendations. A reliable moving company can help your elderly parents move for retirement and all their items, no matter where. So, you can spend time together as a family. A company you will hire for them must know how to handle a senior relocation and to be experienced. Also, it should be a full-service mover, who will pack, unpack, and transport moving boxes.

If you will help them move, be prepared

If you don’t want to hire professionals to help your parents move for retirement, then you should do everything. From packing to transporting, unpacking, organizing a new home, cleaning, etc. If your family is big, then it should not be a problem. Rent a moving truck, collect enough moving boxes and packing supplies, and of course, you will need help from friends and family. Especially if they are moving large and heavy pieces of furniture. It is not a job for only one person.

Clean their home

Before they move in, clean their house and prepare it for them. Make sure everything is appropriate for them (for example, not too many stairs). Also, clean their old house too. If they will rent or sell it, it should be decluttered and clean. If your parents are not independent, they cannot clean the entire house. If you can’t do it, then hire a professional cleaning service.


Your job is to help your elderly parents move for retirement and to take care of them like they were when you were young. Moving preparations should be stress-less for them. Talk about relocation, their future plans, etc. If they are in good health, then it will be easier for you and for them too. But, if they are not, prepare yourself and separate your time for them.


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