Moving process requires a lot of patience and energy even when done by professionals. Having that in mind, it’s very responsible of you to check how to avoid moving mistakes before the actual relocation process.

Take your time

If you are a bit of a procrastinator and are used to working under pressure, you might want to pay close attention. You want to do this the right way. There will be a lot of things to do all at once, and you will not be able to take your time and do all of them. You should have a couple of things on your mind:

  • Plan months ahead if you want to avoid making moving mistakes.
  • Use a checklist and stick to it, You don’t want to forget something during the excitement.
  • Book a moving company even further in advance if you are moving during spring or summer. Spring and summer months are usually a busy time of the year.

Pack wisely to avoid moving mistakes

So you started packing just at the right time. There’s still a way for you to make the beginner’s mistakes related to packing.

Avoiding to organize and declutter

You may not be that much of a hoarder, but you still might have a lot of things you don’t use. Don’t avoid taking the time to separate what to pack and what to leave behind. It will relieve you of emotional baggage from the past. More importantly, it will save you energy and money during the moving process. It’s a win-win situation, right? Also, you can donate, recycle or sell the items that you don’t need.

Not having a system

You need the ultimate moving strategy. Choose a box, for example, “Box 13” and label it with “Kitchen” or “Dishes” and make a list of them. It will save you a lot of time when you unpack, and you won’t have to search for things that you need. Also, if movers happen to lose a box, you will know exactly which box it was.

Getting tired of packing

You’ve wrapped most of the breakables, but you got tired along the way? You shouldn’t skimp on the bubble wrap now that you’re almost done. That means that you should wrap each plate and place it on the side of the box. Also wrap the swing of your old clock, as well. You can put your mirror between the mattresses or pillows.

a broken plate

Broken plates during a move are to be avoided at any cost

You didn’t pack a moving essentials box

If you don’t pack a moving essentials box or a bag, you might need an important item and not be able to find it.
What if you need your toothbrush and it’s somewhere in the “Box 45?”
In your moving essentials box, you’ll be able to put your:

  • medications
  • basic toiletries
  • important documents
  • wallet, keys and your cellphone
  • your clothes for the moving day
  • other important items
a broken cellphone

One of the reasons for a moving essentials box is, so you don’t deal with damaged possessions

Thinking you’ll avoid moving mistakes

No matter how much of a perfectionist you are, you might not be able to avoid moving mistakes. Thinking it’ll be cheaper moving by yourself, might cause you more expenses than you thought. Be honest with yourself, do you have the time and energy that it takes? If not, it’s time to hire professional moving services, like A. FAZIO MOVING & STORAGE INC. A reliable moving company might be just what you need.

Not doing your research

Take your time to find a reliable company. You shouldn’t be lazy at this stage. It’s easy to go online and choose the first company that pops up. But, some moving companies might steal your possessions or refuse to reimburse the damage. Best is to find a way to avoid fraudulent movers. In that case, you understand that choosing the cheapest company might not be the smartest decision.

  • inform yourself about the company as much as possible to avoid making a moving mistake
  • ask someone you trust
  • it’s good if the company is in business for more than ten years
  • pay close attention to the contract, read it a couple of times, read the fine print and always ask if you don’t understand everything
  • check if the company is sub-contracting, or they’re making a move themselves
  • check if the company is operating legally and if they have the proper equipment

Forgetting to change the address

You should inform your friends about the relocation, of course. However, you shouldn’t forget to notify utility companies and to change your address. Go to the post office’s website and fill out a change of address form. It doesn’t cost a lot at all, but it might save you from a lot of trouble.

Pay attention to the moving insurance

When choosing the moving company, ask about the type of insurance they offer. You might want to consider purchasing moving insurance, as some moving companies reimburse only a portion of the damage. Interstate movers offer released-value protection and full-value protection. Read this list and make an informed decision.

  • Released-value protection means that the value of your belongings is 60 cents a pound
  • Full-value protection means that you determine the value of your item. However, if movers damage your item, the moving company will have to pay for the repair or get you a replacement item of the same value. Check on the amount of value of your damaged contents is not an option here.
  • Some movers offer separate liability insurance
  • Additional moving insurance is an option
  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover items in transit
a broken glass

Having moving insurance will help you get your money back in case of damage

There are many tutorials on how to move and how to get the best insurance, be sure to search online.

Avoid moving mistakes and have fun relocation

Don’t forget that it’s important to have fun along the way. The moving process can be quite unpredictable, and you did your best to avoid moving mistakes. However, sometimes, you just need to relax and try to enjoy every step of the way. If something still happens, so be it. It’s up to you to decide how you will react. So why not be happy with yourself and put a smile on your face?


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