Whether you are moving house or just want to get some extra space at your home, storage is a real bliss. Just as when using any other professional service, someone will probably try to take advantage of you. It’s not just important to find a cheap storage in Florida, it should be a good one too. We are here to show you how to avoid storage scams and get the best from your storage company.

Choose wisely

There are over 60,000 storage and facilities in the US, accounting for something like two-thirds of the entire number worldwide. That is quite a number, we must have a lot more things than the average global citizen. Purple Heart Moving Group does a great service in providing a secure temporary home for our unneeded belongings here in Florida. But in the storage business, just as in any other industry, there are also unscrupulous and shady characters who give it a bad name. Therefore, try to make a really good research in order to avoid storage scams. And most noteworthy, ask your friends for a recommendation. There is no stronger guarantee than the fact that your friend is using some company’s services for a while now, and that he is satisfied.

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Make a solid research and compare the reviews.

Tips on how to avoid storage scams

Although scammers can sometimes be a step ahead of us, there are some red flags that are very easy to notice. Let’s see what are the most common signs of some shady business.

  • Make sure to check for a phone number listed on the website of a storage company and make sure it’s reachable. If anything goes wrong, must able to get in touch with your them.
  • Check if the company is well rated by other users, Thanks to the internet, checking out genuine reviews of the storage company has become a piece of cake. Therefore, make your research and examine the feedback before you commit.
  • They really shouldn’t give quotes without knowing the amount of your stuff and asking what unit size you needIt’s basically impossible to give a quote for storage without first examining what needs to be stored. So, if a company can give you a fixed quote over the phone, and you don’t get to see them before you bring your belongings to the storage, it’s a little fishy.
  • Most importantly, do not provide a big money deposit upfront. While deposits aren’t unusual, large deposits or few months rent ahead are highly suspicious. On the contrary, many storage companies will offer you a discount or a first month free. If you feel under the pressure to provide the money as soon as possible, change the storage facility.
  • You should be able to see your exact storage unit, before paying any deposit. If the manager shows you some other unit with the explanation that they are all the same, and that it doesn’t really matter which one you get, don’t accept the deal. Insist on seeing your unit ahead and avoid moving scams.
  • Beware the hidden or additional charges. Imagine this, you rent a unit for a knockdown price, maybe even including a free month. But once you’ve moved all your stuff in, the rent goes through the roof. So make sure you commit for a total and fixed price, and make sure there are no extra fees.
  • You should fully ensure your storage unit. Many storage facilities offer their own insurance protection but look around for the best coverage.
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Make sure the storage is properly locked and supervised.

What Can Go Wrong?

Although it seems renting a storage unit is a pretty simple task, there is a surprising amount of things that can go very bad very quickly. Leaving your stuff in the wrong hands can result in paying far more than you should. Here are

  • Some of your items could get missing. If the units are not well locked and supervised, there is always danger that they will enter your storage unit and steal something. Hence, it is very important to make an inventory list of your items and to check if all the security measures have been undertaken. Unguarded and sometimes unmanned entrances, could leave site access open to anyone. 
  • Overpriced and improper storing rates are not something you should tolerate. Avoid storage scams by comparing the prices.
  • Poorly protected storage could make you a huge problem. Make sure to check if the unit you are renting is climate controlled and protected from moist. Leaking roofs lead to damaged items.
  • Rats could severely damage your things and they also spread very dangerous infestations as well.


Transparency is absolutely the most important thing when hiring a storage company or any other professionals. This is something not so easy to find, especially when in the business world. Very often you don’t really know what to expect from people, services, and products, these days. Therefore, transparency is the best thing any professional company can offer you. It is proof of their reliability and devotion. If you find the company does its business transparently, not only you will avoid storage scams but also you will get peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are in safe hands. And don’t worry, there are many storage units in Florida, so you will be able to find the right one for you.

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Ask your friends for recommendation.

Think, choose, store

When you make sure to avoid storage scams and choose the right storage company, half of your job is already done. And now is the time to decide what type and size of storage you need. The staff of the facility you choose should probably be able to help you with that too. Depending on the items you store, you should decide whether you need temperature controlled unit or easily accessible one. Or if you need a regular or self-storage unit. Many storage companies offer a transport service as well, so make sure to ask them about that. Finally, when you start filling the unit with boxes, take your time. It is very important to arrange with some sense and to label them properly. This way, you will have easy access and organized storage unit. Good luck!



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