Are you moving soon or you have rented a storage unit? In both cases, you need to pack your items. One of the most important supplies you will need are moving boxes. There are many different types of boxes so how to choose the right moving boxes? How to know which box is for what items? It is not the same to pack wooden material and glass and fragile items.

Moving boxes.

Boxes come in different sizes and different materials – choose the right moving boxes for your relocation

Choose the right moving boxes for your relocation

First of all, you should know that there are different sizes of moving boxes. Small, medium, and large. Larger boxes are usually used for lighter items such as linens, pillows, blankets, etc. In small boxes, people pack heavier items. If you need to pack your glassware when moving, then you better use smaller boxes and pack one item per box, to prevent damages. Medium boxes are mostly used for pots, pans, non-perishable food, small kitchen appliances, etc. The safety of your items is on top of the list when packing.

The material of moving boxes and strength

Moving boxes can be plastic, wooden or from paper (cardboard boxes). For heavy items, you better choose firm moving boxes and don’t put too many items in one box. Moving injuries are common, unfortunately. Especially pay attention when packing fragile items. You need to wrap the fragile items and to put the cushion in the box, for protection.


Besides the type and size of moving boxes, quantity is important too. Determine how many boxes you need. It is always better to have a few boxes more. It is dangerous to pack too many items in one box. If moving 1 bedroom apartment, you will need about 20 boxes.

Buying moving supplies

Where to find and buy quality moving boxes? You can buy them from a moving company, and if you hire packing services, they will bring their own moving supplies and equipment, so you don’t have to worry and to lose time on packing. One of the websites to visit is where you can find full-service movers and equipment you need for packing.

Moving boxes.

Make sure you have enough moving boxes for all your items

Finding free moving supplies

If you are moving on a tight budget and you need to save money when moving, then you need to find free moving boxes. You can find them in many different places. For example, in supermarkets, local stores, bars, restaurants, libraries, from neighbors or from friends.

Also, visit online forums and social media profiles. People who moved recently, often need to get rid of moving boxes and they want to give them to someone else to use them again instead of throwing them away. Choose the right moving boxes and pack like a pro. It would be very helpful if you ask friends to help you with packing if not hiring professional packers.


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