Helping your elderly parents to relocate to another place is a big responsibility and a huge task. No matter if you are helping your elderly parent move to the countryside or to a big city, you have to be prepared properly for it. The major thing you have to do is to declutter your elderly parents’ home. Keep in mind that it is a crucial thing to help your parents in preparing the belongings for a move.

Consider the following things when you need to declutter your elderly parents’ home

Before you start the process, you should consider the following things:

  • Take a look at the belongings together. – By looking at the belongings before you declutter your parents’ home, you will know how many of them there is and their type.
  • Let them decide which of the items they want to relocate. – The decision should be on your parents. Keep in mind that most of the belongings are really important for them and that they have great sentimental value.
  • Separate the belongings into categories. – Once they have made a decision, you should separate the possessions into categories, so you can have a better image.
  • Will you have enough space for all of the belongings? – In the case that there isn’t enough space, you should consider renting a storage unit. Do not forget that there are things you should not store into a storage unit.

Once you finish the previous things, it is time to start packing and preparing the belongings. Speaking about that, how to do it properly?

Old photos you will have to sort out while decluttering your parents' home.
Let them decide which of their belongings they want to keep.

Organize your packing

When you have created a list of the belongings and separated them into categories, you have to start the packing process. We have mentioned that in the case you do not have enough space in your new home, you should think about renting a storage unit. Even for the belongings you have to put inside a storage unit, you have to know the appropriate packing technique. For example, you can use packing tips that will save you a lot of storage space.

A storage warehouse.
Pack the belongings properly before storing them.

Gather packing materials

By using high-quality packing materials, you will secure the belongings properly and you will finish decluttering your elderly parents’ home really fast. Keep in mind that you can get some packing materials for free. You can always visit the USPS website where you can gather free boxes that you can use for putting the belongings of your elderly parent.

Decluttering your elderly parent’s home can be fun

It is true that when you need to declutter your elderly parents’ home, things can be hard. But, you should look at it on the bright side. When you are helping them in moving and decluttering, you can have a lot of fun time together and you will have memories to share one day. After all, you are helping them with a wonderful thing: They are starting over in a new place and they will enjoy the most peaceful and beautiful years of their lives.


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