With the holiday craze just around the corner, we need to be prepared for everything and anything. Although truly the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be a bit of a mess to deal with. Everyone is on edge because of the tension that is differently known as professionalism. We all want our houses to have the prettiest decorations and nices themes. What very few of us think about, though, is what comes next. We become so preoccupied with how everything is going to turn out for the festivities that we don’t truly get a firm grasp of what’s coming. Until it does. Then, just out of the blue, a holiday free January morning comes and we see what our home actually looks like. That’s why we’ve gathered some advice for you on how to declutter your house after the holidays.

Decluttering your house after holidays takes some preparation

The truth is, you’re going to be taking care of this way before it actually comes time to. That is if you want to go through it stress-free. One of the best ways to successfully declutter your home after holidays is to start preparing for it before the holidays.

Preparing for decluttering your home after holidays is almost the same as packing so that you can later save some storage space. You can do this in a few different ways:

  • Boxes
    Regular old boxes will do for this part. You certainly don’t want to overcomplicate things. What you should do is have a few extras lying around just in case. We all know this quite well. You unpack and then are later somehow totally unable to return everything to where it originally was.
  • Label
    This one is the number one most important thing when decluttering your house after the holidays. The preparation for this one actually starts the year prior. However, if you haven’t done it, now is definitely the time to start. If you don’t do this step, you’ll never know where your ornaments and all the decorations are and it’ll take you so much longer to put everything back into its place.
  • Maybe some things need to be taken out of your home
    It might be a good idea to distance some fragile items from your home if there are going to be a lot of kids running around. Just be sure to brush up on preparing your things for storage.
A label. You need to label your boxes to make it easier to declutter your house after holidays.

Labeling is essential if you want to declutter your house after the holidays successfully.

Try to keep your home clean as is

Another thing that you can do prior to decluttering itself, during the holidays actually, is to keep your house as clean as possible. Alright, we know we’re asking for a lot here, especially if you have kids. But a little goes a long way. So just try to put everything back to its original place and you’ll have a much easier job when you declutter your house after holidays later on.


Hiring help to assist you during decluttering your home after holidays isn’t what you’d call conventional. However, it is sometimes needed. A lot of people need to go straight to work after the holidays and hiring cleaner simply won’t do. You need someone organized to do this for you. If you’re celebrating your holidays somewhere in the south, movers like AM Moving Company Dallas are a great choice. Although not their target profession, they are quite flexible and more than happy to get this done for you.

A person interviewing another to help them declutter their house after holidays.

You might need help to declutter your house after holidays if you have to go back to work right away.

What to do on the actual date?

Everything up until now has been a preparation for decluttering your house after holidays. Now, the time has come for you to deal with the aftermath. Depending on how well you’ve accomplished the previous tasks, this will be harder or easier for you.

Sitting down and taking a breath first is essential. You cannot begin to declutter your home after the holidays before you’ve decluttered your mind.

Assuming that you live with your family or friends, this job will be made a bit easier the more of you there are.

Shipping gifts to your address before you declutter your house after holidays

This is a little side note that’s actually quite important. If you’re getting presents shipped from an address that’s not local or to an address that’s not yours, get everything delivered to you before you begin to declutter your house after holidays. This will save you a lot of mess later. So, if you are having, let’s say, an instrument shipped, be sure to get your instrument to your new address in time.

Try to declutter your house after holidays in a fun way

Before deciding that decluttering your home after holidays is a bother and that you’ll hate doing it, stop. You are what you think, so think positive. Playing some music and making hot cocoa to get you through this is a very good idea.

You’ve come this far, what follows is quite simple

When you’ve prepared well to declutter your home after holidays and you’re in the right mindset while being surrounded by everyone dear to you, everything else will be a piece of cake.

  1. Get the knick-nacks in order
    This is the first and hardest step because there are so many things that you need to return to their place. Also, don’t forget the fact that there’ll (luckily) be a lot of gifts.
  2. Decorations are going down
    This always seems like the hardest part of the whole package. However, when you’re trying to declutter your house after holidays you soon realize that it’s not so much different than when you’re doing it on a regular day. Just put everything to where it once was and be done with it. You can always hire companies that can store these things for you as well until you need them again.
  3. Clean house, clean mind
    Yes, this one works both ways. Now the time has come for you to clean everything properly. This is somewhat of a boring job but it doesn’t take long and it’ll really make your home feel refreshed and ready for new beginnings.
Decorations on a tree that need to be taken down when you declutter your house after holidays.

Taking down the decorations when you declutter your house after holidays is not as bad as everyone thinks.


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