What do we do with our belongings that we don’t need anymore in our home? Yes, we throw them away. But, what if we just don’t need these items at the moment? We prepare them for storage and we find them a suitable storage unit. But, it’s important to know how to inspect a storage unit before renting it. After all, we want our belongings to be safe and sound during this time.

How to inspect a storage unit before renting it?

Before inspecting the unit itself, choosing the right storage facility is very important. Professional from verifiedmovers.com can help you do that in no time. So, they can check the best suitable options in your area. This will help you narrow down your list, which is the first step. Once you opt for the best option, it’s time to inspect a storage unit itself. Answer these questions:

  • What size of the unit do you need?
  • Do your belonging require the storage unit with special features?
  • How important is safety for you?

Is the unit big enough?

You should know the size of the unit that you need first. Of course, smaller the unit, cheaper it is, so take this into consideration when making the choice. Luckily, we have some packing tips that will save you a lot of storage space. But, on the other hand, don’t choose a unit that’s obviously too small for your belongings, only because it’s cheaper. You don’t want anything to break or get damaged.

The storage units to illustrate how to inspect a storage unit

Check if the unit is big enough for you needs

At first glance

Make sure if the unit is clean, or if you feel humidity once you go in. These are some basic conditions, but some people just forget to check this, only to find their items dirty or damaged. Also, this is when you first get an idea of the unit’s size.

What services and features do you need?

Consider what kind of services do you need from the storage facility. For example, does the staff seem qualified and kind. Are you going to get help once the moving day comes? Or do you have easy access to the unit? Also, do you get the packing material from the storage facility, or is it more affordable to get the material yourself?

Special features

Depending on your items that you’re going to store, you might require a unit with special features. For example, the most common one is a climate-controlled unit. These units cost more, but it’s definitely worth it, as extreme temperatures and humidity are not good for your items. And while even your clothes would benefit from lack of humidity, it’s even more important for some other items like electronics, instruments or works of art.

Drops on a glass

Humidity might damage your items

Is it safe enough?

Not knowing how to inspect the storage unit before renting it, might have terrible consequences. What if your belongings get stolen? So, check how often the staff checks the locks. Also, who has the keys of the unit, other than you? And if something goes wrong, it’s important to have the right insurance. So don’t forget to cover that part, as well.


It doesn’t take a lot of time and resources learning how to inspect a storage unit before renting it. However, dealing with the consequences of choosing the wrong storage unit is quite the opposite. So, take your time and make a good decision.


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