If there is one thing you do not want your relocation to be it`s disorganized! A disorganized moving process can rarely turn out to be successful. However, the good news is that only you decide whether you will keep track of everything, or decide to deal with the moving-related tasks on the day of your move. In case you do decide to be responsible and do everything by the book, a good idea would be to make an inventory list. A good, thorough inventory list can actually be your best ally in the moving process, and make the job of your reputable movers easier. 

A white notepad to help make an inventory list.

A notepad is all you need in order to make an inventory list.

Don`t rely on your memory

As you can imagine, an inventory list is only useful if it contains every item you have in your possession that you plan on transporting to the new location. That means that you must go through each room in the house, from the kitchen to the guest room and everything in between. However, the worst thing you could do is to start making a list that is based on your mental image of the rooms. This way, you will start putting items from different rooms together, such as the washing machine, the bassinet, the oven, etc. 

We are sure you realize how this will quickly make you lose track of your items, as you will forget to write down many things. And, as previously mentioned, your list needs to be comprehensive. So, what is there for you do to if you can`t rely on your memory? Glad you asked. 

Tackle one room at a time

The first thing you need to do is realize that making an inventory list will not be a quick process. Because you need to be thorough, you should give yourself plenty of time for this task. Once you dedicate a day or two to this much-needed moving task, you can start dealing with one room at a time. People say that the kitchen is usually the most difficult room in the house to pack and relocate since it contains so many utensils and small items. So, if you wish to deal with the most complicated room first, the kitchen is a good way for you to start. Once you finish with one room, work your way up to the rest of the house.

A living room setting.

Decide which room you want to begin with.

To make an inventory list with ease, start with major items

If you have never made an inventory list before, you will probably be very confused. After all, one room could have many furniture pieces, appliances, electronics, odds and ends, etc. It can be overwhelming just looking at the size of the room, and not knowing where to begin. But, do not worry, as there is a way to make it all work. The best thing you can do is start with large furniture pieces, such as sofas. Then, work your way to smaller gadgets and appliances, such as your tablet. Finally, finish with the small pieces, that won`t take up a lot of space inside the moving boxes. 

Make special notes

While making an inventory, it is very important that you write down special notes. For example, do you have any items that will need special handling? Special handling means that they will have to be disassembled and then reassembled in the new location. Moreover, special handling could also apply for fragile items, such as the ones made out of glass. For the successful relocation of the aforementioned items, it is crucial that your movers be informed about them. You may not know this, but hiring movers by the book means that you give them all the peculiarities of your upcoming relocation. Only then can they make the best moving plan. 

A post it note.

The more information about your items you give your movers, the better!

Pay special attention to your valuables

Your valuables are items that cannot be easily replaced. A lot of items can be considered as valuable, and it really depends on how sentimentally attached you are to it. Sometimes, the sentimental value can be far greater than the monetary one. So, if you have any art collections, expensive jewelry or collectibles in your possession, pay special attention to it. Moreover, if you have enough time and patience, a good idea would be to make a special inventory list that would include your valuables only. Why should you give so much attention to these items, you wonder? 

  • It is impossible to replace some valuable items, as they may be one-of-a-kind. 
  • Your movers need to have an insight into your valuables. You can believe that reputable companies like mastermovingguide.com and others, will want to ensure all of your valuables remain intact. 
  • The last thing you need is to cause a financial damage on your moving day, which could happen if your items were to disappear due to your negligence. And, you would be negligent if you forgot to make an inventory list. 

You will get an accurate moving quote

In the relocation industry, a moving quote is an estimate of your costs based on the information you give your movers. If you make a thorough inventory list, and you give it to your movers, you will make the process of getting an estimate so much easier. And, not only will this process run more smoothly, but it will also be more accurate. You will be able to find out a precise amount of money you are expected to pay based on the information you have provided. Do you now see why going through all that trouble was worth it? 

Rolled up dollar bills.

A thorough inventory list will help predict your moving costs.

To make an inventory list is not as hard as you think! As you were able to see, all that it takes is some good organization. Besides, now that you know the right way of making a list, we are sure you will have no troubles! Good luck, and we hope your inventory list will bring you good things only. 

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