Garages are the most untidy part of any home. Any unwanted stuff can wind up there, and it can clutter up the space. Your garage can be turned into a very organized space if you only did a little bit of tidying up. They are not only for cars and junk. We are here to give you tips on how to make more storage space in your garage – Texas edition. By following our tips, your garage will turn into the most organized and useful room in the house. So let’s begin with the cleaning and organizing!

​The first tip on how to make more storage space in your garage – Texas edition is to make a list of the items in the garage

Everybody’s garage is usually full of all different items from all over your home. However, if you want to save space, you will need to make an inventory of your things. Taking inventory is an easy job, but it will be helpful because you will know what items are in your garage, which will prevent you from losing them. So grab a pen and a piece of paper or use a note-taking app on your phone and start. Look through every part of your garage and write down every item. You can sort them by type to make your notes easy to read when you go back to them.

an image of a white piece of paper near laptop
A good list will help with organization

​Declutter your garage

When you have finished the list of items in your garage, you should look at it and decide what to do with the unwanted belongings in your garage. You can do many things with your unwanted stuff:

  • Another tip on how to make more storage space in your garage – Texas edition is to throw away your items
  • You can have a garage sale and earn some money
  • Donate some stuff
  • Give them to your friends if there is something useful for them
a bunch of read signs that say sale
Sell your stuff in a garage sale that is another way how to make more storage space in your garage – Texas edition

Now to make decluttering easier, you should keep your vehicle in a safe unit. Get a good storage unit that will keep your car safe. When you’re clearing your garage for more space and do not have a secure place for your car – a reliable car storage unit is your best option.

​The third tip on how to make more storage space in your garage – Texas edition is to install garage cabinets

If you are like any other person, you are probably storing the items in your garage in boxes on the floor. Having belongings in boxes is better than them being everywhere having cabinets is a better option for saving space. First, you have to decide on the two types of cabinets. One type is with doors and the other without doors. This all depends on your preference. However, the ones without doors are cheaper, and you can easily access your things. When you got your cabinets, the second thing you have to do is install them. Before installing, check where there the walls are strong and drill the cabinets in.

When you put your items in the cabinets, you will find yourself with more storage space. Also, your garage floor will look cleaner. You can also lookup how to pack items in cabinets efficiently to save even more space.

​Folding bench and chair

For anybody spending a lot of time in the garage on DIY projects and has a lack of space, a folding working table, and a chair are great options. You can buy a folding table and chair. However, if you are feeling brave, you can always make your table. A good idea for a bench is to connect it with the wall that can be folded up when you are done working. A folding chair and table are great space savers that will only take up your space when you’re working.

a grey image of a work table filled with tools
A folding table will allow you do fix things on it and when you are done fold it for extra space

​The fifth tip on how to make more storage space in your garage – Texas edition is to get a storage unit

You can always save space in your garage if you keep less stuff in it. A storage unit is a good solution, and has a great storage option. You can climate control storage for more sensitive items or quick storage for belongings that need to be returned after a shorter time. The most practical way of storing is over a long time. What items do you put in the storage unit? The answer is items that you do not use very often. You can store family pictures and heirlooms, things that somehow get into your garage even though they deserve to be kept in a better place.

​Installing racks and hooks

Getting rack and hook in your garage is another way to get more space. They are easy to install and can be used for storing different items. To get more storage in your garage, you have to use every part of your garage. Cover as much space as you can with practical storage solutions. What will make your garage look tidy is getting things off the floor and onto the wall, which is why racks and hooks are great options.

​The final tip on how to make more storage space in your garage – Texas edition is to build a shed

Getting things out of your garage will free up space. You can do that by building more storage space. If you have an empty backyard, it is time to use it for that shed. You can construct the shed yourself, it is not a tough project, and it will be cheaper. However, if you want a sturdy, professionally build one, you can always hire someone. By having a shed, you will create more storage space in your backyard.


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