Moving your business is a big step. Not only for you but for your employees too. It is not time to make mistakes, because they can cost you a lot. When you move a business, try not to lose the company’s productivity. It should be on the same level as before if you do not want to lose money. If you have a team in your office, include them all in the process. That way you will finish faster and more efficiently. Be prepared and organize every step of the business relocation.

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After you decide to move a business, it is time to plan and organize everything in advance

Simple tips to move a business

In order to avoid moving mistakes, you should make a moving checklist and follow it. We can help you with a guide. This way you will know what to do and what is the next step when you move a business. It is important to plan everything in advance, especially if you have a lot of customers and clients you work with. So, let’s start.

Calculating costs to move a business

Make a budget to relocate an office or the entire business and try not exceed it.

Create a plan and gather a team

First of all, you need to make the entire plan. Literally, each step should be planned in advance as early as possible. It will be easier if you are not alone in this planning phase. Gather a team of people you trust the most and organize the relocation together. Who will notify people, who will book a moving company, who will do the paperwork, etc?

Take inventory

Take inventory of all the items you have in the office. For example:

  • How many items you have to move and what is their weight and size?
  • How will you move large and heavy office equipment and furniture?
  • Create a document file, just in case, to have a backup when you move a business
  • Write it all down, and if something is missing, you will know exactly what

Moving schedule

Make a moving schedule and create a deadline. Make sure your timeline is realistic and you will finish everything. Take into consideration how much time you have before moving, what is the distance of your old and new business location, and what is your moving budget.

Start packing on time

Each employee should pack its own desk in the office, so the relocation is conducted faster. Do not wait until the last minute to notify workers about relocation, prepare them too. You can hire a company to pack your offices and to transport all the boxes, or you can pack without movers. Create the ultimate moving strategy together and follow it.

Donate or sell some office furniture and equipment

When you have more items to move, your move will be more expensive. If you do not need some equipment, furniture, office supplies, or you want to buy a new one for your new business office, then donate or sell the old one. By selling, you will get some money back, and by donating you will get some advantages when paying taxes.

Notify people you are moving your business

You must notify all the clients, suppliers and customers about all the changes you made. You can lose productivity after moving if you forget this step. You can tell one person from your team to do this task instead of you or you can do it on your own.

Update information about your business

Change information online, on your business card, social media, etc. If someone sees different information about your business, they will think it is a scam, probably. Move the business and take care of everything. Your employees, clients, reputation, equipment…

Renting a new storage facility

When moving your workshop or office, where will you put all the items, goods, documents, etc.? Renting a storage unit is one of the options you have, no matter where you are moving your business to. Also, if you have a storage space, you will get rid of the office clutter, that made you less productive.

It is better for you and your employees to keep the workspace clean and decluttered. Your items and documents will be safe there. Rent a storage with a good security system, and there will be no place for worries.

Hiring a moving company to move all your office equipment

When you know what to do and how to organize a move, it is time to book a moving company to transport your office furniture and equipment to your new business location. If you want a better deal, offer them your company’s services and try to negotiate with them. Maybe you will get an affordable move. There is always a different option if you and your staff do not have enough time to pack and prepare for relocation. Hiring a reliable full-service moving company is one of the best options. If they can offer a storage space it is a perfect solution. By hiring Atlanta Pro Movers for your business move, you will solve many problems and tasks on a moving checklist.

A moving box with office equipment

A full-service moving company will pack and transport all the items you have

If you need to move a business in order to expand it and to try it on a different market, you should know that it is not simple and easy. But, when you have all the right tips and a guide to follow, it may be. Being organized and trying to stay on a schedule will save you a lot of time and money too.



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