Many people are using a storage unit to declutter and free up space in their home. And that is a great solution. But, it does not mean that your storage unit has to be unorganized. With a few simple tips, you can organize and declutter your storage unit easy and fast. 

Organize and declutter your storage unit easy

Most people have chaos in their rented storage units. But, it does not have to be. By following these few simple tips your storage unit will be clean and your items will be organized. Spend a little time there and you will be proud of yourself. Also, after that, you will not spend a lot of time finding an item you want. When people ask should they rent a storage unit, the answer is most of the times positive, but you must know you should keep it organized and clean.

Old storage unit.

When the storage unit is not organized and clean, your items can be damaged.

Preparation for organizing and decluttering your storage unit

First of all, you should be prepared. So, what does it means?

  1. You should know that it will probably take more than one day, especially if you have a lot of items inside your storage unit. If you cannot spend a few days in the storage right now, do not start.
  2. When you want to organize and declutter your storage unit, everything will be much easier and faster if you have help from your friend or a family member. You can not lift large and heavy items by yourself.
  3. Be prepared for sentimental items and emotions. Cleaning them is an overwhelming process.
  4. Preparation also includes collecting boxes and plastic bins.

Take an inventory

When you open the door of your storage unit, write down everything that you have inside and make an inventory list. That is how you will have a clear picture of how many boxes do you need and what do you have exactly. Because a lot of people after a while forget what they put there. If your boxes are labeled, then you do not have to open them. But, if they are not, you should open each box and see what is there.

Taking an inventory.

Write down everything you have in your storage unit and save it. After a while, you will forget what you have inside.

Sorting all items

Sort all items in a few categories. Also, you should get rid of everything you don’t need and your storage space will be decluttered. For the beginning, make about four categories. For example, what to keep, toss, sell and what to donate. Also, you can recycle some items and some of them you will take back home.

Label boxes

Your storage unit cannot be organized if your boxes are not labeled. This is how you will know what is inside of each box without opening it. Some people are using a numeric system to label them. How? Each box has a number (1,2,3, etc) and on the wall of the storage unit, they put a map and a list of boxes. For example, box number one: Christmas decoration, box number 2: school books…It may seem like a lot of work to do, but it is worth it. Imagine how much time you will need when searching for a specific item.

Put heavy items on the bottom

Now, when you have packed your boxes, put the heavy one on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top of them. This way you will avoid damages. Also, keep the balance so the boxes will not fall down. If you have sensitive items such as furniture or artwork, you should wrap them in plastic. Damages because of the weather or mold are common. If the cold weather is coming then you should prepare your storage for that.

Keep the middle of the storage unit open

When you organize and declutter your storage unit, you should keep the middle open and clean. To accomplish it, you can put shelves on the walls, for example. Shelves are not expensive and you can find them easily. Metal shelves are a better solution because of the temperature change. Hooks are useful too where you can hang your tools.

Shelves in the storage unit.

Shelves are a great solution to keep your storage unit organized and clean, so it will be much easier to find things you need.

What should be in the front?

Frequently used items you should keep in the front of other items. It is easier for you. Off-season clothing,  documents, etc should be there. It is frustrating to lose time always when you need those items. And of course, label these boxes too as you did with others.

Where to put all unnecessary items?

We have already said that you should get rid of some unnecessary items. But, where to put them? Some of them you can not just throw away because of their size. Grunts Move Junk is a company you can contact to take all the items you do not want anymore. You already have enough job with cleaning it, so it is better and easier for you if someone just takes your junk.

Unnecessary items from the storage unit.

When you declutter your storage unit, there will be items you do not need anymore. So, get rid of them.

A storage unit is a place where you can put your household goods or office supplies you do not need, but on the other hand, it should be clean. Organize and declutter your storage unit and you will know what do you have inside. Also, when you will need something from there, for example, a Christmas tree and decorations, you will know exactly where to look. It will take you a little time but it is worth it, for sure.



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