Moving requires a lot of time and preparation. And a big part of the moving process is packing. But, packing is usually the same for all the rooms in a home. This is why there is a guide for packing which applies to all the rooms in a home. Basement packing is different. You have to pay attention to different things, and the basement is usually the part of the home which contains most of the clutter. This is why we have written this article – how to pack for basement relocation stress-free and on time.

Basement relocation requires packing materials

The basement is a specific room in the house, so it requires a lot of unique packing materials. And packing for storage requires them. So, what are those packing materials? Well, you will need wooden crates, bins, and different kinds of protective materials like plastic wraps and plastic beans. You can find most of them in the nearest supermarket, and usually, they are not that expensive. Also, don’t forget to buy a permanent marker for labeling.

A woman with a box needed to pack for basement relocation

Basement packing is different.

Declutter your basement

The basement is usually full of clutter in almost every home. Relocation is the perfect time for decluttering. So, declutter your basement for the upcoming relocation. How can you do that? Well, you can separate your clutter into three distinct groups.

The first group is for the stuff you are going to sell before you pack for basement relocation. You can always organize a backyard sale, or you can simply sell your stuff through the internet. The second option is more viable since you will reach a higher number of customers. That way you can even save some money for your upcoming relocation.

The second group is for the stuff you are going to donate. A donation is a humane act of giving, and you can get rid of the stuff that you cannot sell.

The third group is for the trash can. People who are some kind of hoarder have a tendency to put all of their stuff in the basement. Our advice is to be ruthless with your stuff. Don’t feel guilty for your useless stuff. With them, your relocation will be more expensive.

Basement relocation storage.

Basement relocation requires storage.

Check your water supply and similar stuff

Sometimes, the water supply is located in the basement. Also, heating can be in the basement. So, before you go to your new place, check the status of your water supply, energy supply, and heating. Make sure that that stuff is turned off.

Contact a storage facility for your basement relocation

Usually, the basement has a lot of stuff. That means that you’ll need to rent a storage space before you pack for basement relocation. Also, you’ll need to contact a moving company. Don’t move without the help of a moving company. That can be dangerous, and it can be more expensive than moving with the help of a reliable moving company. Even better if you can find a company that is both a moving company and a storage facility.


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