Packing is a crucial part of every move. It can take a long time because there are a lot of items to account for. Everything that you pack needs special attention. The same applies to your lamps. Lamps are delicate items that can easily break during transportation. The most delicate part of the lamp is the lampshades that guide the light of your lamp. To help you get your lampshades in one piece, we have an article about how to pack lampshades for a long-distance move. When hiring movers you can not expect that they will be careful with all of your stuff, so your best option is to pack your lampshades by yourself.

​The first tip in our guide on how to pack lampshades for a long-distance move is to take the lamp apart

Lamps are usually taken apart before packing. They have a weird shape that is hard to pack, and if you disassemble them, you will be saving money on moving supplies and save space in your moving truck:

  • The first thing you should do is take the lamp out of the plug. Then you should wrap up the cord and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Another tip on how to pack lampshades for a long-distance move is to take the light bulb out.
  • Finally, when you have unscrewed the light bulb take the lampshade off.
a white cord
Secure the cord before we get to how to pack lampshades for a long distance move

​How to pack the light bulbs

To pack the lampshade, you need to learn how to pack the whole lamp. Light bulbs are pretty straightforward. You need small boxes or a larger box with dividers. Wrap your light bulb in bubble wrap and put it in the box that has been covered with cushioning.

a light bulb
Be careful when handling light bulbs

​The third tip in our guide on how to pack lampshades for a long-distance move is to pack the base of the lamp properly

To pack the base of the light, you will need a medium-sized box. The best option is the box in which the light came in. Secure the cable to the lamp. When the cord is secured, wrap the lamp in a lot of packing paper and use your old towels to secure it even more. Put it in the box and secure the box with tape. Tape every corner of the box.

​Packing the lampshades

Finally, let’s see how to pack the lampshade. Lampshades are very delicate, so you should be very careful when packing them. Cover lampshades with pacing paper. The packing paper should not have any markings on it, like ink, because it can transfer to the lampshade and ruin it. Get the box of the right size but the lampshade in and fill the gaps with cushioning. If you do not have a place in your moving van, you can store lamps. If you can find a warehouse.

Hope our article on how to pack lampshades for a long-distance move helps. Good luck!


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