By definition, succulent plants, also known as succulents, are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. One of the most famous examples is cactuses. But, you already know this. You are here to find out how to pack succulent plants for a long-distance move. 

Prepare you suculents

Like with everything you are going to move, you have to prepare your plants for the move. And no, moving succulents is not at all like moving a fish tank!

Succulent plants are succulent.

Welcome to our guide on how to pack succulent plants for a long-distance relocation.

A few weeks or days before you move, make sure to groom your plants. Rid your succulents of dry leaves, branches, and make sure to give them a good prune. Maybe it would be a good idea to replant your succulent plants. Make sure to put them in a plastic container with fresh and sterile soil. Move your pots separately.

Wrap them with care

Sure, succulents are quite resistant, but it isn’t in their nature to be in the back of a truck and relocate to another location. Only humans and some animals do that. This is why you should wrap them with utmost care. You need to protect them from relocation.

Wrap the pots with three or more layers of tissue paper. That way you are going to reduce friction during the transport. Consider adding plastic beans or some kind of cushion between the container and a box. That will reduce movement during the relocation.

Use plastic bins or something similar

You might want to replant your succulents in plastic bins. Even if you don’t want to do that, plastic bins are superior to boxes in many ways. Forst of all, they are transparent. That means that they let the light go through them. Second, they are quite sturdy, and there is no chance that they are going to fall apart during the move. With boxes that is not the case. So consider using plastic bins instead of boxes. Also, they are easier to handle.

Keep cactus away from its cousins

What are cacti known for, other than their weird grammatical plural form? For their ‘stings’ of course. They can poke holes in other plants, and that can make them dangerous, especially when there is vibration involved from the moving of the truck. Make sure to keep your cacti away from your other succulents. And from your toddler.

Cacti in pots.

Pack succulent plants by moving cacti away from other succulents!

Sometimes, the relocation can fail, and that is ok

However, plants are not made to be carried across many miles. This means that however hard you have prepared your succulents for a long-distance move, there is always a high risk of them dying. You have to accept and expect that cruel fate.


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