So, you need to move but you don’t know how to move your glassware safely? Don’t worry we got your back. If you decide to move your glassware, you need to be extra careful since glass is fragile and easily breakable. There are some easy steps that you can follow in order to transport your glassware carefully.

Don’t move your glassware on your own

Many people may tell you that moving on your own is actually more cost effective than moving with the help of a moving company. That cannot be further from the actual truth. Moving on your own, especially if you’re moving glassware, can actually be quite dangerous. First of all, you can easily break something, especially if you are stressed out because of moving. There are some good moving companies that are extra careful when they’re moving their customer’s stuff, like Preferred Movers NH. As their name suggest, they should be your preferred movers for your fragile items, like glassware.

Those guys can even make you a simple relocation anywhere you want in Maine. Of course, if you live in Maine.

You’ll need some tools and supplies for your glassware

There are some things you need to have before you start packing your glassware for moving. First of all you need to have appropriate boxes with you. For your glasses and glassware you’ll need to use medium-sized boxes. Why? Because you’ll need to minimize space between your glass objects in order to avoid damage when they are in transport. Use packing paper, and old newspaper to wrap your glasses and glassware. Be careful, some of those materials, like plastic wrap, are hard to recycle. And don’t let your kids be anywhere near the glassware while you’re packing it.

Packing materials on the table.

Tape is your best friend.

And if you decide to use old newspaper for your glasses and glassware, be aware that you’ll need to wash your glassware in order to get rid of the black print. You can even use towels for your glassware. It is highly recommended. That means that you can do two things at once – you can save some space by putting towels in a box in order to protect your glassware. 

Use markers and packing tape

Group your glassware belongings into different kinds of groups. For example, put glasses with glasses, and glass plates with glass plates. You need to do this in order to avoid any kind of damage. If you put different kinds of glassware together, their irregular shape can easily make some mess. So, group your glassware wisely, and put it into appropriate boxes. Label those boxes accordingly, and be sure to put some marking to tell your movers that fragile material is inside. This is the way you can pack your glassware before moving.

How can you actually pack your glassware?

Before you start packing your glassware, make your boxes safe for moving those fragile items. Crumble old newspaper into balls, and fill your boxes with them. That should be the rule for almost all of your fragile kitchen items. That way you can pack your kitchen like a pro. Newspaper will make your boxes safe for semi-fragile items, like heavier kinds of glassware.

For your extra fragile items, like glasses that are stretched thin, you need to use more protective materials. In order to be safe, use more protection even for those kinds of glassware that may seem harder to break. Other protective materials are  things like plastic wrap. Wrap your glassware with towels and plastic wrap. That should make your ordinary glassware pretty safe for transportation. And that way your boxes are ready for storage also.

How can you wrap your glassware?

Put your glasses and mugs on a flat and clean surface. Then, you’ll need to spread plastic wrap onto the said surface. Put your glasses and mugs onto plastic wrap. They should be laying on their sides. Then you need to roll your glassware with plastic wrap. Secure your glassware that is wrapped with a tape. After that, spread your towels as well onto the flat surface. Roll each glass and mug with a towel in the same fashion as you did with a plastic wrap. If you don’t have a ludicrous amount of towels in your home, you can save some packing material by putting multiple pieces of glassware into one towel.

Anyway, it is best if you have original packaging for your glassware. That packaging was specially designed for that glassware, so if you have an original packaging, use it. That way, your glassware will be especially save. And don’t put one piece of glassware into another. During the transportation smaller glassware can damage the inside of your bigger glassware. And you don’t want that to happen to your precious glassware.

Pack your glassware into boxes before moving

After you’ve wrapped your glassware properly, you need to put it in an appropriate box. Pack your glassware carefully before moving. You need to fold the protective materials in order to make your pieces of glassware tight and safe. With that you will create a safe little package for your glassware. You shouldn’t be able to fill the edges at this point. Put your glassware into box as tight as you can. You need to do this because vibrations of the vehicle can make your glassware vibrate, and that can lead to damages. Place the glass plates or sets of glasses on top of your other glassware in order to protect it from the top. Remember that your box should be filled with protective materials like old newspaper.

Mover struggling with boxes.

Those boxes are not secure enough, and your mover shouldn’t move your stuff like that. So pack your glassware carefully before moving.

Secure your box

You think that you have finished wrapping. Well if thought that, then you’re wrong. Continue wrapping your box. You need to secure it first with tape. Usually that should be enough. After that, mark your boxes with a marker. Write what kind of glassware is inside. You will want to do this in order to regroup your glassware after you’ve arrived to your final destination. If you want to be extra careful, you can wrap those boxes with a plastic wrap. That way your glassware shouldn’t break in almost any circumstance. Tell your movers that those boxes contain fragile items, and you should be ready to go.

Glass with water.

Enjoy your glassware in your new home.


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