When you are about to relocate, the kitchen is the most difficult part to move. In order to pack your kitchen like a pro, you need to have a good organization first. Keep in mind that not all the items from the kitchen are the same size or weight. This is why packing kitchen is the hardest thing to do in the entire process. But, with appropriate assistance and a good plan, you can achieve it and pack like a pro. So, what things should you do in order to pack properly?

Create a moving strategy

The first step when you are packing your kitchen is to create a moving strategy. Inside it, you should write down all the things which you are going to need for your relocation. Also, define how long your relocation process is going to take, whether you are going to hire professional moving assistance, if you need a moving truck, etc. Speaking about the kitchen, write the exact number of items you have in it. When you get the number, write what is the type of them. For example, how many of those items are light, heavy, fragile, big or small. Once you have defined these things, it will be easier for you to move in your process.

Disassembling is a must to pack your kitchen like a pro

In order to pack your kitchen like a pro, you should disassemble it first. That means you should take all the items from it and put them in one place. A good solution is to find out where you can get affordable bins for safe packing. In these bins, you can put your belongings while you are disassembling your kitchen. Speaking about how to disassemble it, you should not hurry. Do it very slowly and carefully. Keep in mind that these items are delicate and need to be protected properly.

A recycling bin you need to pack your kitchen like a pro
Get moving bins, so you can put your belongings from the kitchen in them.

Do not mix the items

To have a clear image of your items, you should not mix them. In other words, do not put glasses and plates in the same box! This means that you should have boxes for each of these dishes. This is also going to be easier for you when you need to unpack your kitchen. But, in this way, you will avoid any kind of damage during transportation. Do not forget that if you are packed for a move properly, everything will be easier for you.

If you do not have enough space in your home, what should you do?

If the situation is that you do not have enough space inside your new home, there is a solution. In that case, you should put the items from the kitchen into the place where they are going to be protected and safe. An option which you should consider is to look for a company which can provide you with storage bins such as Capital City Bins. Also, this company can provide you with packing materials. As we mentioned, packing the items from your kitchen properly is a crucial thing. They need to be protected in the right way.

Do not use alternative ways of packing if you want to pack your kitchen like a pro

Since you are looking to pack your kitchen like a pro, it means that you need to invest money. So, using alternative ways of packing is a bad idea. For example, you should not use newspapers in order to protect glasses or plates. Not only that they cannot secure your dishes properly, but newspapers are often dirty. Investing money for packing materials is a necessary thing to do. We have mentioned packing bins which can be really useful for this type of relocation. Be sure that if you use appropriate materials, you will not need to worry about the safety of your kitchen belongings.

Do not use alternative ways of packing your belongings.

Rent a moving truck or a van on time

Depending on how you have packed your kitchen and how many boxes you have, you will know if you should need to rent a truck or a van. Keep in mind that transporting the boxes by yourself can be a risk. Firstly, you cannot put all of the boxes in your car, so you will need to return to your home for a couple of times. Secondly, how you are going to load the boxes is a crucial thing. For example, if you put a heavy box on a light one, there can be damage. But if you hire professionals who can provide you with truck services, you can be relaxed. They will know how to load all the boxes on the truck and they are going to transport them in the safest way.

A moving truck
If you have a lot of items, you should consider renting a moving truck.

Overpacking the boxes can be a risk

Another thing which you should know if you are looking to pack your kitchen like a pro is that you should not overpack the boxes. We have mentioned that for this type of relocation you need to invest money. In other words, you should not look to save money on the materials. If you try to put a lot of items in the boxes, there is a risk of overpacking them and your belongings are not going to be safe anymore. This is the reason why you should write down the exact number of belongings which you have. In this way, you will know how many packing supplies you need to gather.

Put all the boxes in one place

To be prepared for your moving day, you should put all the boxes in one room. In this way, you will know where they are and it is going to be easier for you to put them inside a moving truck. On the other hand, if you have hired professional movers, by knowing the room, they will finish everything fast. Also, make sure that you have a clear path in your home, so you or movers can easily take the boxes outside.

If you pack your kitchen like a pro, you will have a smooth relocation

To conclude, if you pack your kitchen like a pro, the entire moving process will go in a smooth and stress-free way. As you can see, you just need to plan everything and to follow that strategy for this process.


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